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The finale picks up with Lucas rushing Peyton to the hospital. Lucas washes the blood from his hands and, for some reason, he and the rest of the gang all watch the surgery from the observation room.

Peyton wakes up briefly before the anesthesiologist knocks her out and the screen cuts to black. And then...

A baby crying. No, this isn't misdirection, it's Peyton and Lucas' baby, and Lucas wakes up in the middle of the night to hold his daughter.

That beauty is cut short when Lucas is bleary-eyed at Peyton's bedside in the hospital, begging her to wake up.

Outside the hospital, Julian tries to get Brooke to go home because it's been four days since Peyton was admitted. Brooke refuses to leave, which Julian knew she would, so he bought her a ton of fashion magazines.

Lucas cries a lot next to Peyton, terrified that he can't raise their baby without Peyton because they didn't even come up with a name.

While he cries, Peyton wakes up and tells him the baby's name is Sawyer.

Peyton wakes up, and is perfectly fine. Brooke goes outside to introduce Peyton to the poorly named Sawyer Scott, but the baby isn't the only surprising face to walk through the door.

Sawyer is brought in by Grandma Karen.

Peyton takes her baby and promises to love her forever, and she, Lucas and Sawyer are all a happy, crying, smiling, kissing, loving family.

Karen makes the rounds, telling Lucas and Peyton how proud she is of them.  Karen and her son share a moment on the front porch steps reminiscing .Nathan goes back to work for the Chiefs, but when he

shows up his locker is empty. He returns home and tells Haley to put on a nice dress so the two of them and Jamie can go out to dinner in Charlotte.

He tells her that he's not on the Chiefs and she starts to cry. But those tears turn into tears of joy when he tells her ... they need to go to Charlotte because he's on the Charlotte Bobcats of the NBA!

Later that day Mouth is ready to go on the air when he gets a last minute change to the report which excites him.

In the Scott home, Nathan, Haley and Jamie sit down to watch the sports update together.

Mouth slowly reveals the news that the Charlotte Bobcats picked up Nathan Scott and he tells Jamie to hug his dad through the TV.

Jamie slowly turns around and erupts in joy.

San, who isn't dead yet, wanders around town like a ghost, winding up at Whitey's cabin. Whitey's back!

He's out with his horse and when he sees Dan, he's ready to get his shotgun before Dan begs him to talk. Inside, Whitey lays out coffee, cookies and a gun.

Whitey is already planning Dan's death, saying that he bought the gun with the specific goal of shooting Dan.

Dan gets nostalgic about how he refused to play in the state championship back in high school, and pinpoints that as the moment his whole life went wrong.

Dan then apologizes for everything he's ever done since that day, including killing Keith. Dan picks up the gun and gets contemplative, claiming he might as well be dead.

He points the gun at his head but can't pull the trigger, so he shoves the gun into Whitey's hand and begs him to put him out of his misery.

Whitey doesn't do it, instead giving Danny a big old bear hug, believing there's still hope for redemption with his kids.

When Dan leaves, he passes Nathan, who says he's there to tell his coach that he made it to the NBA.

Dan takes one last stab at connecting with his family by visiting Peyton and asking to hold his granddaughter.

She refuses until he tells her that little Sawyer Scott is the only person in Dan's world that doesn't know what he did.

His breath is taken away by the beauty of the baby.

Dan's world apology tour concludes when he apologizes to Peyton for the fact that one day she'll have to tell her daughter about him.

As he leaves, he runs into Karen and Lucas, who glare at hime and just walk away.

Millie doesn't want to go back to New York, so she asks Brooke for her old job back, gets it, and Millie moves back in with Mouth.

Mia's record comes out and she goes on a tour, but she and Chase promise to make it work by having him tag along to her record signings.

They continue to make fun of the fact that he's quick on the draw in the bedroom.

Julian says goodbye to Brooke, having to go back to Hollywood to film a movie. Brooke clearly wants him to stay, and while she can't say it with words, she makes out with him until they move to the bedroom.

He tells her that he loves her, but she makes him shut up and take his clothes off.

When she wakes up, Julian is gone. B. Davis and P. Sawyer meet up to make goo goo eyes at Sawyer Scott. Sawyer Brooke Scott.

Brooke goes to work and Victoria is there to tell her daughter all the things they need to do.

Brooke needs to set up interviews announcing her return and she also needs to fly to Los Angeles and tell Julian that she loves him.

Victoria admits that her own inability to show affection to her daughter is why Brooke isn't able to tell Julian that she loves him.

Victoria closes by saying that she was wrong all along, and that bros are more important the clothes. As a parting gift, Victoria gives Brooke 100 percent of the company to make amends for loving it more than her.

Brooke is moved and tells her mom she still has a job.

Brooke takes her mom up on her offer and jets off to the set of Julian's movie where she tells him that she loves him and then kisses him.

Cue montage of everyone getting exactly what they wanted and living happily ever after. Nathan is in the NBA, Brooke and Julian are in love, Chase is going on tour with Mia, Mouth and Millie are living together.

As we fade to black, Lucas asks Peyton Sawyer if she'd like to go for a ride in the Comet. She corrects him to say that she's now Peyton Scott, and with baby Sawyer Brooke Scott in the backseat, they ride off into the sunset.

One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 24 Quotes

Nathan: I was thinking we could take a trip to Charlotte, you could wear that dress, we could take Jamie.
Haley: Nathan, what happened?
Nathan: I'm not on the Chiefs anymore.
Haley: Oh babe, I'm sorry.
Nathan: It's okay, what do you say Haley James? Want to take the boy to Charlotte and maybe we could see a basketball game? I kind of have to be there anyway, seeing as I'm the Bobcats' new point guard.
Haley: What?
Nathan: I'm the point guard for the Charlotte Bobcats. I got called up.
Haley: You're in the NBA? :[crying]
Nathan: I'm in the NBA. Thank you. Thank you for believing in me.
Haley: Thank you for being worth it.

Lucas: You know, I'm in a little...I'm in a little over my head here. I took her home and I'm doing what I can, but she needs here Mom. I need here Mom. She doesn't even have a name. We were supposed to do that together. I can't do this without you. And I'm just afraid that I'm gonna lose you and it's just gonna be the two of us. And she doesn't even have a name.
Peyton: Sawyer. Okay? Sawyer's her name.
Lucas: Sawyer Scott, okay. God you scared me.