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Piper wants to reopen the outdoor track, but Healy wants her to complete several dangerous tasks before he will consider it.

Janae  returns from solitary confinement.

The first WAC meeting takes place. A second pillow is requested, as well as Fifty Shades of Grey. 

Healy says that it's going hard for him to do what the WAC wants and still bring donuts and coffee to their meetings every month. Taystee breaks it too Piper that the WAC is pointless.

Pennsatucky tells everyone she has been betrayed.

Piper goes into the can to play with the phone and sees an incoming text of a penis.

Janae realizes that it was Piper who got her sent to SHU. 

Daya teaches the new guard, Susan Fischer, how to play dominoes.

Sam Healy has a Russian wife.

Larry has drinks with Polly and her husband, and whines about how he looks like a loser because he's alone in public.

Yoga Jones hits Janae when she insinuates she killed a child to get into prison.

Healy says he'll reopen the track if Piper finds the cell phone someone may be hiding.

Bennett tells Pornstache he was laid by a half Asian half Brazilian chick.

Piper takes the phone right after Flores uses it in the stall and knows that she heard her using them.

Pennsatucky shows Piper her horrible teeth and tell she wants new ones. She thinks Piper is selling them out.

Pornstache forces Red to put down her work and make him a sandwich. When he doesn't like she turns him down, he dumps some of her food on the ground.

Sam reneges on his deal with Piper when she delivers the phone and won't tell him who owns it.

Taystee goes to the salon and her friends try to determine what kind of white style hair she should get to impress the parole board.

Caputo doesn't buy that Healy found the cell phone.

Susan Fischer remembers Piper from where they used to live and she packed groceries for Piper, and she tells her that the only difference between them is that she never got caught for all the bad crap she did.

Before she was in prison, Janae was taken aside by a local thug and told she couldn't hang with them because she was the real deal and she could have everything they didn't. He promised to take car of her. Instead of going home, she stopped off with another thug. 

Larry tells the bartender he doesn't want to be "that guy" and that guy turns out to be a multi-million dollar screenwriter. Larry then continues to tell her all about his fiancee being in prison. 

Caputo tells Healy that the Fischer told him about the same movie Piper watched and they're reopening the track.

Flores discovers her phone is missing and rips the door off of the bathroom stall. 

Janae's story unfolds, and she was caught after an armed robbery with the thug she caught up with after the party.

Piper and Janae are using the track as Healy looks on. Janae tells Piper it doesn't make them even.


Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Hey Kate Winslet, see any icebergs?


Everything off the books lives like Anne Frank now.