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The prison brings in a group of troubled teenagers to scare them straight.

Nicky tells Piper she's gay, and Piper says she's just getting some intimacy.

Alex comes to breakfast late. Everyone knows what is going on with Alex and Piper.

Aleida's boyfriend shows up at Bennett's apartment and tells him that Daya is pregnant.

Piper and Alex play cards and discuss each other and then Piper brings up Larry.

We get a first look at Tricia before she was in the joint.

Miss Claudette goes to see Sophia to get her hair done.

Piper calls Cal to find out why Larry isn't calling. Larry is there. Cal tells her he has to talk to Piper and Larry asks if he asked her why she was in the SHU.

Piper can't believe Larry is going to be on Maury Kind talking about his perspective of being in a unique long distance relationship.

Tricia says everyone makes bad choices, some people just have more bad choices to worry about than others.

Piper remembers the day Polly got married and they talked about Piper looking for a chemical thing, instead of the whole package.

Daya tells Bennett if he loves her he'll make sure things go right. Together with her mother, they make it all about money.

Pornstache tells Tricia that she owes him and he forces her to sell his drugs.

Pennsatucky lays hands on one of her followers heads and she's dared to heal another inmate -- which she does.

Piper met Larry when he was watering Polly and Pete's plants when they were out of town and Piper dropped by when she was bit by a dog.

Nicky is disturbed to hear Red won't forgive Tricia when she turned herself in for her and got more time added to her sentence. She takes it out on Morello, who says Bora Bora Bora, giving an olive and she's a judas priest while she talks make believe about Christopher who hasn't visited her since her third week in Litch.

One of the delinquents who arrives with the scared straight group is in a wheelchair.

Big Boo goes to Pennsatucky to ask her to take away her lesbian tendencies so she can one day have children.

Pornstache notices Tricia is using and locks her in the storage closet.

Tricia flashes back to when she was trying to "settle her debt" and in doing that she stole something else, and got caught.

Pornstache goes back for Tricia and finds she has ODed.

The girls who choose to work with the scared straight kids give them hell, but nobody wants to make trouble for the wheelchair girl. 

The guard thinks partnering wheelchair girl with Piper would be the way to scare her straight, and until she's left alone with her, Piper doesn't think it will matter.

Pornstache tries to make it look like Tricia committed suicide by hanging.

Pennsatucky goes into the bathroom to "save" wheelchair girl and it looks like an attack.

Red breaks, and Nicky shows up. They make up and Red wants to take Pornstache out with Nicky's help. 


Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

I like hot girls. And I like hot boys. I like hot people. What can I say? I'm shallow.


Piper: I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming...
Alex: Shhhh... show don't tell.