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Larry gives a radio interview about Piper's experience in prison and it causes problems for Piper in prison with some of her closest allies.

Red and the girls clean out Tricia's cell.

Daya can't contain her morning sickness and Bennett comes up with a plan to try to make it seem like she got pregnant by someone else. A furlough.

Piper calls Larry, but he's waiting in Maury Kind's waiting room to go on the air and doesn't take the call.

When Luschek makes fun of Tricia's suicide Piper takes offense, while she and Nicky untangle Christmas lights.

Pennsatucky is in a cage undergoing a psychiatric evaluation about her healing hands.

Tricia's body was cremated within 24 hours of her death.

Figueroa holds the guards accountable for Tricia's death and doesn't like them making fun of it or not being respectful.

Piper waits for Alex in the chapel and when Alex learns Piper is planning a memorial for Tricia, she wonders if Piper knew Tricia better than she knew her mom.

Suzanne comes in to buff the chapel while Piper and Alex are in there.

Alex flashes back to when she and Piper were together and she asked Piper to go on another run for her. Piper refused and left.

Everyone tells Daya she needs to fuck Pornstache and then say he raped her so that she can keep Bennett and her baby.

All the colors represent with food as homage to Tricia. Oranges, nachos, snacks and hooch.

Larry shares prison gossip with Maury Kind.

Suzanne has a signal with the guards to let them know it's OK for her not to be in the psych ward. She doesn't like being in there. She says once you go to psych, nobody comes back but her.

Suzanne asks why everyone calls her Crazy Eyes.

Pornstache and Bennett go out to have drinks, and 'stache doesn't know how to treat the ladies. He thinks women treat him like meat. They leave two full bottles of beer on the bar and leave.

Piper feels bad about what she did to Pennsatucky and wants to go to Caputo to tell him that she's responsible for her being in psych.

Alex flashes back to the day Piper was leaving. It was the same day her mom died. It doesn't change anything for Piper, and she won't go home with her, even though she asks her not to leave her now.

Bennett tells Daya about going out with Pornstache and his mini rant about women treating him like meat.

Piper goes to Caputo to fill out her report about Pennsatucky.

Daya decides to go through with her plan for Pornstache.

Miss Claudette finally receives her visitor. John shows up and asks her where she would like to go on her first night out. Anywhere, with him.

Pornstache uses a condom when he has sex with Daya.

Larry's radio show doesn't go over well with many of the inmates.

Miss Claudette confronts Piper.

Larry doesn't have any idea what he has done with the interview, that he has put her life in danger.

Larry asks if Piper loves Alex and she says yes. Larry tells Piper Alex named her.


Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Black Cindy: Yo, what's your sign.
Poussey: Yo. My sign is get your ass up and help me with this shit.

OK. Here's some advice. When a girl makes you come the way that I do, you pretend that you're excited to see her.