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Piper seeks advice on how to let Crazy Eyes down easy, but discovers being blunt might be the best way.

We see Sophia before and after her sex change operation.

Sophia gives Piper some tips on using the bathroom because she frakked up her hair, and offers to fix it when her commissary comes in.

Pornstache and Bennett chat about the inmates and Bennett's tour in Afghanistan.

Piper gets her khackis.

Figueora, the Warden's assistant, decides to replace all of the medication with the least possible dosage and generics and Sophia doesn't take it well.

Crazy Eyes continues her wooing of Piper.

Alex sits with Piper in the cafeteria after rubbing Red's feet to get her meal privileges back.

Sophia's wife helped him with his change, but she wanted him to keep his penis.

Piper calls Larry. He's only visiting every other weekend as they planned. He describes the groceries he bought and segues into phone sex.

Piper's mother and her friend Polly visit her.

Crazy Eyes puts in a request to be roommates with Piper and says that Piper suggests it. Healy denies the request.

Piper remembers the first time she met Alex.

Larry visits Piper's brother, Cal, who suggests "edging."

Piper's commissary came in and she repays everyone.

Piper let's Crazy Eyes down, and she takes it without putting up a fight.

There are hints about why Sophia is in prison.

Larry is a failure at edging.

Piper confronts Alex about naming her, and Alex tells her she's wrong. She didn't name her even though she broke her heart.

Piper asks Larry to find out if Alex named her at the trial, even though the records were sealed.

Piper receives her bunk assignment, and it's in the "ghetto."

Sophia won't sinks as low as Pornstache to get the drugs she needs to remain a woman.

Crazy Eyes is in the same dorm as Piper, and stands outside her bunk on her first night an urinates on the floor.

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

There's no point in playin' shy baby. You're home.


Sophia: I made my own. Commissary don't carry a size 13.
Piper: Is that duct tape?
Sophia: Metallics are very in this season.