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Piper's electrical engineering class faces serious punishment when a screwdriver goes missing.

Piper is cleaning up Crazy Eye's pee while Claudette yells at her for bringing "that" into her house.

Piper is assigned to the electrical department for work, at 6 cents an hour, and has to fix a lamp before she can call it a day.

Red gives Mercy an address to get a job when she gets out of prison.

Red is worried when Mercy taunts Boo, because Boo is known to take down her former ladies to prevent them from getting out.

Claudette is being reviewed for early release, but she asks that they don't reopen her case. 

Daynara gets closer to Bennett.

When the screwdriver goes missing, Pornstache uses it as an opportunity to feel up all the inmates.

Piper discovers the screwdriver in her pocket.

Claudette hides the screwdriver for Piper while Pornstache does a random sweep like an idiot.

Everyone wants Piper to help them with their letters.

Nicky and Alex talk about their time and Nicky asks how Alex knows Piper.

When Piper's bed is tossed again, the screwdriver isn't there.

Big Boo has the screwdriver.

Miss Claudette receives a letter from Haiti.

Miss Claudette is in prison because she killed a man who hurt one of the girls who worked for her in her cleaning service.

The guy who runs electrical replaces the screwdriver.

The wife of Claudette's old friend, Baptiste, dies and he writes to tell her he will want to see her, so she changes her mind about reopening her case.

Mercy goes home without incident.

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

If you ever want to go home, get that screwdriver back on that wall!


I don't know. I've never cleaned up another person's pee before.