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Piper spots a chicken roosting on the prison lawn when she skips breakfast.

Lorna and Nicky get it on in the prison chapel.

Bennett pretends to rough up Dayanara so nobody thinks he's playing favorites.

When Piper sees the chicken, Lorna tells her she needs to talk to Red.

Red dreamed that the chicken came to her in a dream with a cap on already stuffed and dressed, ready to be a Chicken Kiev.

Pennsatucky tries hanging her cross in the chapel from a pipe that couldn't carry the load, and the entire chapel ceiling fell down upon the altar.

Larry and Polly visit Piper and Piper lets it slip that Alex is in prison with her. Polly makes Larry wonder if Piper might "turn gay" again.

Pennsatucky wants Sophia off the church cleanup project because "it" is why God was mad and the cross fell in the first place.

Daya's mother was packaging drugs in their kitchen before they were in prison.

The AA group infiltrates yoga class because the chapel is wrecked.

Sister Ingalls admits to Sophia that she knew Sophia was only hanging with her because she wants her hormones.

Alex talks at her AA meeting about Piper while Piper is practicing yoga nearby.

Larry discovers from his dad that Alex definitely named Piper during her trial. Larry's dad tells him to keep Piper in the dark because it's in his best interests. When Larry says honest is the best policy, Howard asks him if he remembers all of the achievement ribbons he won as a child.

Red is angry at Piper for telling people about the chicken because everyone is trying to get it.

Healy doesn't believe Piper saw the chicken, either. He tries to rationalize with Piper by telling her that the other inmates aren't like him and her.

Piper is in trouble with the other inmates when they get in trouble for chasing the chicken and she gets nothing.

Piper talks with Larry and worries that she's getting dragged into the prison drama. He decides to lie to her about Alex like his dad said.

Bennett is tricked into thinking Daya wants to meet him in the utility closet and it's actually Aleida. 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

First girl who bags that bird gets a box of Biore strips.


I had my tea, it was almost hot. I had my book, it was almost good. And I saw a chicken. How random is that?