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Rockstar Joe has developed an attitude while playing in multiple cities. He's dating his nutritionist named Dionne.

While donating blood, Cop Joe and Jenny discuss why it took so long for her to tell him and their relationship.

Rockstar Joe wants to drive his dad's Porsche and Kokoro begs Frank to get him under control.

Rockstar Joe leaves a message on Amy's voicemail ending their marriage. She's hurt he'd do it this way, and Eric comforts her.

Nurse Joe, Kinsley, and Chris present their fun presentation. Joe sings a jingle. Berman's is impressed.

Rockstar Joe has a preteen fan challenge him. He brings the kid on stage to play. He falls off the stage.

Lucas was prepped for surgery. Jenny and Ray kissed him. Joe stood back out of the way.

Jenny and Barrett are out celebrating her win of being the first chair on the case.

Both Kokoro and Frank quit working for Rockstar Joe after his attitude when they tried to cancel a few dates because of the blizzard.

Ray tells Cop Joe he was the reason Jenny never told him the truth and he's terrified of losing Lucas to Joe. Joe tells Jenny he would've been there. The power goes out.

Cop Joe freaks out about the power being out at the hospital. The doctor says Lucas came through surgery and everyone goes to see him.

Frank needs Cop Joe's help getting reinstated at work.

Barrett brings a drunk Jenny home, who admits she loves Atlanta and wouldn't have gotten her chance without him. Kinsley and Nurse Joe talk about following their dreams. He says she made him better. They almost kiss.

In the cliffhanger, Rockstar Joe and Dionne get into a car crash in the blizzard.

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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

I want to get to know him, Jenny. He’s my son.


Frank: You can start by calling your wife back now that we’re back in New York, instead of whatever this is.
Dionne: This is named Dionne, thank you.
Frank: Well no offense Dionne, you’re not going to be around when I have to pick up the pieces.