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Allison and Vic bond, so she thinks. She even knits him a pair of gloves, missing the pinky.

Siobhan, Sarah and Ethan Duncan look for his red box. He finds lip balm.

Allison overhears Vic talking to Angie about what he wants to give up Allison.

Cal calls Sarah to let her know he's been hacked and Cal is taking Kira to a mystery spot.

Cosima heads into the stirrups and a doctor starts to inject the cure directly into the masses in her uterus.

Sarah trusts Cal with Kira, but not information about the clones.

Paul goes to Leekie with information as directed. Leekie tells him to tell Rachel the truth. Leekie makes an emergency call to Marian.

Ethan finds what he's been looking for, several 3.5 floppy disks, or "absolutely everything."

Cosima overhears Scott talking with Delphine about the source of the cells. The cells came from a tooth Kira lost in the accident. It's a finite amount unless they bring Kira back in. Cosima kicks Delphine out of her lab.

Allison and Felix confront Vic. When he doesn't play along, Felix throws out the Sarah card.

Marian arrives and Leekie tells her that Ethan is alive and Sarah tracked him down. They agree Rachel won't like it as well as the idea they may have to step in. Marian suggests they fix the only thing that brings them together anymore -- Sarah Manning.

Cal suggests they go to Iceland to freedom.

It's family day at rehab, which is a good excuse for Sarah to sneak in and set Vic straight. He pulls out a piece of paper and begins to read. He has to atone.

Vic wants Sarah back. As he's ready to profess, he falls to the ground. Felix spiked his tea.

Siobhan goes to Leekie with his missing science. He wants to authenticate it with Ethan. She says she will give him Ethan if he gives up on Kira.

Siobhan calls Sarah to tell her Rachel doesn't know Leekie killed her mother. Siobhan plans on dropping the bomb on Rachel to see which one falls.

While in Vic's room at rehab, Sarah has to play Allison. When Allison arrives at Vic's room, she tells Felix that fairy-dusted Vic will be a problem -- they're going to be doing room visits shortly.

Sarah discovers that Allison was chosen to speak to the visitors and she has to wing it.

Angie sneaks into the rehab center while Felix squirrels Vic away, smacking his head on the wall in the process.

Sarah attempts to role play Allison being Donnie in front of the group, but it goes smashingly wrong.

Donnie tracks down Allison and catches he with Sarah. He appears genuinely shocked to hear the term clone.

Rachel and Paul arrive at Siobhan's location. She Siobhan grants Rachel 15 minutes with Ethan. Rachel's eyes well up with tears and the two talk.

Donnie says he has no idea what he has been reporting on for Allison. He thought it was a study, "Long-term Social Metrics." Sarah and Felix slip out the door before Allison tells Donnie he ruined their love with his lies. He acts saddened, but when she leaves, he appears angry.

Rachel confronts Leekie. When they set the science back decades, he tried to run away with Rachel but her parents intervened. Rachel makes a call to Marian. Rachel tells Marian it's in motion and while Leekie stands dumbfounded, Marian tells Rachel that it's not a surprise Leekie lost his way given his lab coat and the big chair.

Cosima calls Sarah about Kira. When Kira hears Sarah and Cal arguing over whether to take Kira to the lab, Kira ties a string around her tooth and yanks it out. "Will this help?"

Sarah decides she and Kira have to go back. Cal tells Kira not to forget his number and to call any time she needs help.

As Leekie tries to get away, Donnie tracks him down because he needs a word. Donnie tells Leekie in tears that he came into his house and probed his wife. Leekie says he gave him his wife. Donnie screams that it's not right, bangs his gun against the steering column says he won't participate anymore and he quits, mistakenly blowing Leekie's brains out.


Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I could have saved her, but I didn't. She clawed at the counter top, begging for her life. I stood there until it was over. Ahhh. It feels so good to say that out loud!


Hey, you can trust me. The stuff that I've done? No judgment.