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Rudy brings a girl up to his hotel room for sex, but she's put on edge when Seth joins them in bed.

Cal shows Sarah and Kira an apartment he bought in the city. 

Seth and Rudy meet up with Paul, and they tell him about the goings on inside of Dyad. He puts the clones through a true or false test, and Seth has trouble. 

At Felix's apartment, Cosima's health recovers even though she's only had one small treatment.  

Art calls Sarah after the woman Rudy and Seth terrorized reports them to the police. Sarah interviews her and finds out that both clones have the same tattoo on their forearm.

Meanwhile, the Castor soldiers water board Helena as a stress test. They only stop when their scientist realizes Helena is pregnant. 

At Castor, Helena goes through the same true or false test and they try to convince her that Sarah was the one to hand her over. 

Mrs. S tells Sarah to take Kira and run from this Castor problem, but she's still adamant about finding Helena. Paul shows up at Cal's new apartment, gun in hand, and warns him to make Sarah back off of Castor. 

Rudy holds Kira hostage and demands the original tissue samples of the Castor clones. Seth starts to fall apart, and Rudy kills him to put him out of his misery. 

Finally scared, Sarah sends Cal and Kira away to keep them safe. 

They plan to track down Mark, the Proleathian. In a hotel room with Gracie, Mark burns off his Castor tattoo. 

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm sorry, love, but you don't get to sit this one out. None of us do.


I think she might be concussed because she's being weirdly straightforward.