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PT Westmorland visits Susan Duncan, who is still alive. He explains that he kept her alive because he needs her. Ira is brought to visit Susan, and she explains her history with Westmorland to him. Apparently, Susan and PT have the same ideology but just disagreed on the means. After much persuasion, Susan agrees to work with PT once again, much to Ira's trepidation. PT gives her exclusive access to Rachel's Kira research, but Rachel has the reins.

At the compound, Charlotte and Aisha wander off into the woods to see if they can find a pig that snuck off. They find the pig, but he has been bitten by a mysterious creature that broke off a tooth that Charlotte picks up. Mud appears and yells at them that they must run. The girls hear a roar and run off. Mud later tells them that it is a bear.

Sarah tries to get info out of Kira about what Rachel has been doing. She finds Kira has a deep cut on the arm and initially believes Rachel did it. Kira confesses that she did it herself, to test how fast she would heal. She is aggravated at Sarah. Mrs. S convinces Sarah to let Kira sleep over at Felix's house, while she and Sarah team up on a mission to get important information from a Neolution defector.

Sarah is very hesitant to leave Kira behind, but agrees to go with S. They first work to steal an ID from Dr. Elizabeth Perkins, a research psychologist who has issues with her daughter. Sarah steals the ID from her wallet after pretending to be S's disgruntled daughter. Dr. Perkins gives S a pep talk about her "daughter" and how most rocky mother-daughter relationships originate in the mom's relationship with her own mother.

At Felix's apartment, he draws Kira and tells her she is reminding him of her mom. He tries to caution her not to trust Rachel, but she explains what her rationale is for wanting to trust Rachel.

En route to Cedar Ridge Psychiatric Center to meet "Alex Ripley," a mysterious ex-Neolution defector probably being held against their will, they make a pit stop at the convent where Helena is hiding out. Sarah is frustrated when S refuses to tell her who pointed her in the direction of "Alex Ripley."

Sarah and Helena have a heart to heart about Kira and about the special way that Kira can feel all the clone sisters, the way Helena was also able to feel that they were connected. Helena is writing her memoirs while at the convent. Helena encourages Sarah to be honest with Kira about everything.

Adele spontaneously shows up at Felix's apartment, informing him that S has filled her in on mostly everything about the clones. She tells him that S has recruited them both for a job tracking Neolution's money in Switzerland.

On the island, Cosima follows Mud around. First, she sees Mud assisting PT with some kind of blood transfusion. Then, she sees Mud sneaking out into the woods and giving a mysterious, deformed, and almost feral man jackets and blankets for the cold. Cosima is disturbed by the sight.

Simultaneously, S and Sarah manage to get into Cedar Ridge by posing as Perkins and her assistant. It turns out that Alex Ripley is actually Virginia Coady, the woman who was in charge of the Castor clones and had them infecting women with the sexually transmitted disease and who also had the clones capture and torture Helena. They pry information out of Virginia by bringing her out of her drugged stupor. She explains that Susan had her imprisoned against her will after the Castor operation went south. Virginia tries to bargain that they sneak her out, but S and Sarah demand information first.

Virginia explains to Sarah and S that she, Susan, and PT worked together long ago, when she was young. Before any of the clones, they experimented on a child with a unique genome. The experiments made him grotesque and deformed with tumors and brain damage, but Virginia was not squeamish like Susan and wanted to keep going with the experiments. They created a monster. S pushes to know what they were attempting to do with the experiments, but Virginia refuses to give up anymore until they get her out of there.

Before they can wheel her out, they're interrupted by Dr. Nimitz. Virginia fakes a freak out and starts strangling Sarah, using the moment to grab her visitor ID badge. S and Sarah escape.

S, Sarah, Felix, and Adele discuss the plan for Switzerland.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Westmorland: Remember your greenhouse?
Susan: Oddly, you let everything die.
Westmorland: Well, you were the one with the green thumb.
Susan: And your hands never get dirty.
Westmorland: No. Only my beautiful, filthy mind.
Susan: Still got that, do you?

You turned my daughter against me.

Susan Duncan [to PT Westmorland]