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Megan is in the woods where cleaning up the glass when she takes a piece and slices her hand remembering all the horrible things that have been happening to her and her family.

Ogden and Kat are apparently moving. Giles comes to say goodbye. Ogden tells Giles he could've protected him from what's coming.

Kyle takes Amber to Megan's house. She sits outside in the rain while Kyle goes in to see what's up with Megan. Kyle seeks some help with Amber getting her into school. 

Rev. Anderson tells Patricia a story about his son, Matthew. She asks him to move in with her to add some normalcy back into her life. 

Megan brings Amber to her school. Amber doesn't want to be there. She wants to stay with her dad. Kyle tells Amber he's going to look for Allison.

Reverend Anderson accosts one of his congregation to find out what's being said about him at the church. She tells him they are discussing his replacement.

Kat and Ogden are at a gas station. Kat is in the bathroom when Sidney shows up. He has a job for her.

Kyle talks to Mark about Allison. He agrees to go to Allison's house with him.

Rev. Anderson visits the church to talk to the church council. Sidney is there. Rev. Anderson is not happy and beats him up. Sidney wants to press charges and Giles arrests him. 

Kyle and Mark break into Allison's house. Kyle thinks he heard something, but it's just wind blowing through an open window.

Giles lets Anderson go. Anderson admits he's not going to stop and Giles has no problem with it.

Ogden and Kat go to a basement with a bunch of mannequins for whatever job Sidney has planned. Ogden is unsure and Kat tells him he can leave, but she's not. She convinces him to stay.

Mark finds Megan in the bathroom. She left work because she's sick. She shares that she's pregnant and wants to have an abortion, but Mark convinces her this is a new start. He says he's got a job interview. They decide to keep the baby.

Kyle visits Allison in the mental institution she committed herself to.

Rev Anderson is spying on Sidney when Aaron shows up. Kyle calls Megan and is sad about the outcome. Megan invites Amber to spend the night, but Kyle wants her home tonight. He goes in his house and gets her room ready.

Aaron goes home and is confronted by Patricia and Rev. Anderson. Anderson and Aaron fight and Patricia kicks him out. The Reverend went too far.Anderson leaves. Anderson leaves, but Aaron blocks his path. He gives him a warning from Sidney.

Anderson visits Kyle. Megan is taking a shower when she becomes possessed. Mark comes in and Megan slams his head in the mirror. A piece of glass cuts his throat and he dies. All the possessed Megan does is watch and coat her hands in his blood.  Mark pleads for help, but Megan is no more.

Kyle and Reverend are talking. Reverend is looking for help. He admits to being jealous of Kyle's ability. Kyle gets a call from Amber that something is wrong with Megan, just like what was wrong with Allison.



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Outcast Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Rev. Anderson: You know people are talking about us?
Patricia: Fuck 'em.

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I want you to move in with me.