Suspicions Grow - Outcast
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Alison is oddly staring at the fridge before she goes upstairs to put Amber to bed. Kyle and Reverend Anderson are outside in their car. Kyle wants to go and talk to Allison, but Anderson convinces him to wait. They go back to town.

Kyle calls Meg and asks her to set up a meeting with Allison. She doesn't want to do it, but she will go there and check on them for him.

Giles shows up at the fire station and asks Ogden about the watch and the trailer fire.

Reverend takes Kyle to a former exorcism and finds out the girl he exorcized has gone back to the streets. Anderson is disturbed.

Megan visits Allison who tells her she knows about Kyle watching the night before. Meg notices that Allison is a bit off, but thinks it has to do with medication. She calls Kyle and tells him she's going to investigate this. Allison does not want to talk to Kyle.

Anderson and Kyle go to another former exorcized townie and learn that Brian is still with demon after Kyle touches him. Reverend Anderson is highly upset.

Sidney breaks into Kyle's house and walks around and decides to lie down on his bed.

Mark gives Giles information on the trailer.

Kyle visits Allison who talks to him. Amber comes out and hugs her dad and tells him he wants to go with him. Allison is angry and goes back inside.

Kyle picks up Anderson and tells him what happened. Reverend wants to find Sherry and bring her home.

Giles visits Ogden at his home. It's awkward. 

Sidney visits Mildred.

Kyle and Anderson look for Sherry and find her. She still possessed. The demon exits her and tries to take control of Kyle to no avail. The girl ends up in the hospital. Kyle storms off.

When he gets home, Allison is waiting for him on his porch. She wants to know what happened the night she was beat up. They kiss. She doesn't burn up like the other possessed. When he won't tell her what happened, she storms off.


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Outcast Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Kyle: I need to know they're all right.
Megan: Of course they're not all right. After what happened? What do you think? It's all rainbows and unicorns over there?

You know that people can talk and walk and act normal and still have one of those things inside 'em.