Holding Tight - Outcast
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Reverend Anderson is presiding over Norville's funeral. Only the cemetery guy and Kyle are in attendance. The Black Hat Man shows up and introduces himself as a friend of Norville. His real name is Sidney.

Patricia is at Rev. Anderson's home looking at his various trinkets given to him by people he's served or saved. One in particular, a Hummel of a little boy on a swing causes him to have a flashback of a particularly frightening exorcism which ends up being Mildred, one of the old women from church.

Megan is getting ready for date night with Mark. They are at a restaurant when Donnie shows up, the guy from the hotel that Megan had visited. He introduces himself to Mark.

Chief Giles is having a BBQ when his wife lets the dog out and it immediately wants to attack the female guest. She had just stated she's eating meat again. The male guest is a little weird too. Giles shows him the watch. The guy was looking for it and asks where it was found. Giles tells him someone turned it in.

Kyle is at a bar when Donnie shows up. Kyle attacks him and both are thrown out of the bar. They continue to fight outside. He wants Donnie to stay away from Megan.

Megan is shopping when she gets a call from Kyle about Donnie.

Reverend Anderson is cleaning up the cemetery when Kyle shows up. Reverend tells Kyle he has a gift and needs to clean up his act. Kyle wants to save his wife and do what's necessary. They go for a ride.

Giles is on his way out for a "hunting trip."

Anderson and Kyle visit Mildred. Her daughter, Sophie opens the door. She's concerned about her mother. He sees another Hummel (so it was Mildred who gave him the one he has at his house) and he has another flashback.

While Sophie and Reverend Anderson are talking, Mildred calls out. Kyle goes into the parlor and Mildred starts insulting him. She goes to sit down and Kyle helps her, but his hand burns her arm. He leaves. Reverend Anderson follows. Kyle tells him what happened, but Anderson doesn't believe it because she goes to church every Sunday.

Giles is walking through the woods and makes camp near the trailer.

Megan cooks when Mark comes home and wants to talk about Donnie. She doesn't. Later she's by Holly's bed and has a flashback. Donnie was her foster brother and he attacks/rapes her.

Kyle is walking home when Mark pulls over. He takes him to a bar to question Kyle about Donnie. Kyle tells Donnnie he used to sleep on the floor in Megan's room to protect her after the incident happened.

Megan takes a gun down from her closet and puts it in her purse. She shows up at the Baymont to talk with Donnie.  She tells him to leave and stay away from her family.

The Reverend visits Mildred again and determines that she is indeed possessed.

Giles is still in the woods when the man from the BBQ shows up at the trailer to destroy it with gasoline.

The Reverend visits Kyle and tells him he was right. They leave for Mildred's house, but Sophie shoos them away. Before they leave, Reverend Anderson puts the Hummel Mildred gave him on her front steps. They leave.

Mark pulls Donnie over and beats him up in range and out of range of the police video.

Mark gets a call from Giles who tells him to continue his investigation of the trailer.

Megan comes home and says they are both holding secrets.

Kyle and Rev. Anderson are driving. Anderson is upset about Mildred. Kyle is concerned about Alison. He wants to go see her just in case she's still possessed. At first Reverend refuses then he whips car around and off they go.

Megan takes the glasses she bought at the thrift store and lines them up on a log in the woods then proceeds to smash them all with a hammer.

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Outcast Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Always playing the guardian angel. Haven't you figured out they don't exist?


Reverend Anderson: You got a gift, son, and I want to help you use it. But, you also have a reputation. People gotta be willing to let you in the door. You wanna fight the devil, start by cleaning your fucking act up.
Kyle: You talk to God with that mouth?