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Richard Brown taunts Jamie with his responsibility to the people, and Jamie responds that he's got a responsibility, as well.

Inside, Claire grabs a rifle and a handgun, shooting a man inside when he asks for it. All hell breaks loose outside.

Claire moves outside, and a hail of bullets follows them back inside. Their house has become a war zone. This will be the end of Frasers Ridge as we know it.

Jamie tells Claire that Brown found out that Marsali killed Lionel, and this is all an excuse for him to get revenge for it.

As Brown waves a white flag, Jamie shoots the ground the man stands on, promising he ain't gonna hurt Claire but want to take her to Salisbury for a trial.

Bree and Roger talk about the impending war and whether they'll tell Jemmy or not and how they know about things that haven't happened yet. They rightfully realize that they can't tell him until he's old enough to understand it's not to be shared. But Roger also worries that Jemmy might decide to leave them someday.

Things are still hairy at the house with the house surrounded.

Claire and Jamie consider that they're going to die when their house gets burned. Could the dates have been so wrong? They've got no plan, but they saw Lizzie and others going for help.

Bree and Roger make love, which is in stark contrast to Jamie and Claire.

Claire compares their dinner to a prisoner scheduled to death's last meal in the American tradition. She would choose a cheeseburger meal from a restaurant where she took Bree when she was little. Jamie would choose just what they're having now.

Claire worries about Ian. Where is he? And where is everyone else? Jamie says if they're not here by now, then nobody's coming. Claire doesn't understand why they won't help, other than that they really believe that she killed Malva.

They talk about the numerous times they've each escaped death.

They wake up to people marching forth. It's Hiram Crombie. Jamie thinks that's good. No matter what, they wouldn't allow Brown to set the house on fire or hang them outside.

They aren't exactly welcome relief. They're calling Claire a witch and casting stones. They were hiding Brown amongst them, too, and now they're outside and vulnerable.

Cries of witchcraft continue, and someone suggests that Jamie accompany Claire to keep her safe. When reinforcements arrive for their side, Jamie decides that it's best they go together.

Tom offers to ride with both Claire and Jamie to assure no further evil and to get justice for Malva.

While Lizzie protests, Jamie hands over his weapon. Tom says they should rest in their own bed for the night for a journey in the morning.

Jamie promises Claire that tonight won't be the last time she sees their home. They don't sleep. They're both too frightened. But not too frightened to make love.

Once they're on the road, they discover there isn't a court, and Brown decides that they'll carry on to Wilmington in search of a fair trial. He putts the kibbosh on going to Willow Creek because Jocasta is there. And then Brown boasts about the fairness he's shown to them by spreading gossip like wildfire.

Claire is trying to understand Tom's purpose in all of this.

While they travel through camps, some asshole is telling everyone that Jamie and Claire are murderers. As people stone the wagon and try climbing inside, Tom screams for them to stop. He finally fires a shot to get peace. This is a nightmare. I hope Tom sees his folly in trusting Brown.

Roger and Bree read Fergus's paper - the New Bern Onion, which will have layers.

Jemmy talks to the baby through Bree's tummy, and she discovers that the boy has lice.

The wagon gets stuck crossing a creek, and it's all hands on deck getting it across.

Bree notices a birthmark on Jemmy's head, but it's not yet developed. Then Roger says they're hereditary and he's had one since he was a kid.

When Jamie goes to relieve himself, he sees Ian in the bushes. Jamie says they can't run with all the rumors that have been spread. Nobody will trust them.

They set off again, and the kid Claire shot falls off of his horse. If Claire wasn't a murderer before, I guess she is now.

Brown wants to ride on.

They won't let Claire out to get a drink, and when he fills his canteen, they grab Jamie and the wagon rides on. Jamie gets a rifle butt to the head. Tom sees this and is distressed. Brown claims he's not doing this as vengeance. He didn't like his brother let alone condone what he did to Claire. But after saying that, he says, but he was my brother.

Tom wants to talk with Brown. Tom promises Claire Jamie won't be killed or harmed. Brown gave his word. Tom takes him at it, and Claire is bereft.

Without Tom, Claire would have been dead. His protection was all there was.

Claire hoped that word of her capture would greet Roger and Bree when they arrived in Eden. She also worried that Tom knew Jamie was as good as dead but wouldn't admit it to her or himself.

When they get to town, it's a mess of destruction.

They transfer Claire to jail. There, Tom assures her that Jamie is alive and that he will not leave town. He says to trust God with the righteous, and he'll trust it too.

Jamie is tied to a stake on a beach. They're putting him on a ship to Scotland. Ian and his friends arrive just in time, and the idiots who captured Jamie are no match for them. It comes to a standstill. Chief Twiskwa makes the fatal shot, and they're off to, I assume, save Claire.



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I am the Committee of Safety, Mr. Fraser. I have a responsibility to the people of these parts.