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Diamond deals roughly with a patron who is disrespectful to Keyshawn. Keyshawn expresses her doubts about stripping to Mercedes. Autumn washes her new bills in booze to age them. A realtor is skeptical of Mercedes' plans for the space she's viewing. The realtor wants the down payment by the next day. Patrice withdraws Mercedes' money. Gidget tries to teach Autumn how to work the pole. Keyshawn tells Gidget about a casino being built over The Pynk. The casino investors are waiting for The Pynk to be foreclosed upon so they can pick up the land cheaply. Mercedes can't find Patrice to get her money. Patrice hijacks the church service. Clifford doesn't manage to quell rumors about The Pynk going under. Keyshawn and Gidget get mad at Mercedes for not warning them. Autumn tries to apologize to Andre. She breaks down when he calls her an irresponsible mother. The next morning, she tells him her daughter's gone. Autumn makes multiple electronic transfers from LaKeisha's account. Mercedes' Last Dance arrives. Clifford intervenes with Diamond so L'il Murda and his crew can cut the line. The realtor needs Mercedes' down payment by midnight but she can't find Patrice. The dancers present Mercedes with a new outfit for her finale. Mercedes takes it all in as she strides to the stage. Mane got someone to wear his ankle bracelet so he could attend. L'il Murda wishes her good luck. Patrice finally calls Mercedes. But Patrice used Mercedes' money to buy the property for her new church instead. Mercedes attacks her. The crowd at The Pynk is getting restless. Keyshaw offers to cover for Mercedes. DJ Neva Scared slips on L'il Murda's song. Murda tells Clifford he wrote the song for him. Mississippi is the new queen of The Pynk. Mercedes and Patrice get arrested. 

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P-Valley Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Realtor: You ain't selling a product. You're just selling an experience.
Mercedes: If there's one thing I know how to sell, it's an experience.

Autumn: You know how fellas go crazy for the new girls.
Bank official: Don't me and my husband know it.