Clifford: Who's gonna take your place?
Mercedes: Nobody. But that's the whole point of it, ain't it?

Just because a bitch good at keeping the peace don't mean she ain't good at wagin' war.


God ain't gonna give a bitch more than she can handle. I've learned to balance my abundance just fine.

Patrice [to Mercedes]

Now you have a blessed day, bitch.

Georgie [to Autumn]

It's the words we don't say that haunt forever. But you and me don't need words. Never did.

Autumn [to Andre]

Never, ever tell anyone your real name. In the club, just like in life, they got to earn it.

Autumn [to Keyshawn]

Patrice: Wayne Kyle, quit fuckin' with me.
Wayne: Nah, it seems like you done fucked me. But I don't mind. As the head of the City Council, you and me gonna be fuckin' each other quite a bit, Mayor Woodbine.

Don't mind me. Liquor makes me a little cunty.

Corbin [to Andre]

Brittany: Well, I guess I deserve this, huh?
Andre: Yeah, you fuckin' do.

So. You ready for some twins?

Whisper [to Autumn]

Farrah: Happiness is more important.
Mercedes: Says the rich bitch.

Clifford: Sometimes you just gotta dream new dreams.
Mercedes: You sound like you're talking to yourself.

P-Valley Quotes

Mississippi: First day back off maternity leave and I've got another fuckin' scar.
Gidget: Hair can cover that one, but the floss can't cover the other ones.

And here I thought strippin' was a recession-proof industry.