Escaping Chucalissa - P-Valley Season 2 Episode 3
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Roulette starts prostituting in the Paradise Room at The Pynk. In danger of losing her dance studio, Mercedes takes Coach up on his courtesanship offer. Autumn and Uncle Clifford reach a 69 to 31 percent ownership split. They debate over a new headliner since Mercedes is resting her shoulder. Whisper and Roulette will take over with Mercedes' blessing. Big Bone volunteers to DJ. Patrice makes a scene at the pastors' meeting, attacking casino supporters. The Dirty Dozen tour kicks off in New Orleans. Murda goes blond over the course of the tour. Tannika calls Mercedes to see when dance team is starting up again. Mercedes meets Coach's wife Farrah, who isn't welcoming at first. Mercedes pole dances for both Coach and Farrah. Afterward, Farrah wants to play as well. Mercedes' threesome gets interrupted by a call from the sheriff telling her he pulled over Terrika who was driving her drunk mother Shelle. Big Teak gets into a brawl with his gang successor and shooting starts. Roulette flashes the crowd to Clifford's displeasure. Duffy is still pining for Gidget, who went home to bury her mother. Duffy and Roulette hit it off. Mercedes hoses down the drunk Shelle. Terrika overhears Shelle tell Mercedes that she kept Terrika as a promise to dying Cortez. Autumn and Clifford debate selling the club if they get the $10 million Autumn demanded. Corbin informs Andre he would support him if he ran for mayor against Corbin's brother Wayne. Keyshawn pushes Murda to send a romantic postcard to Clifford. Mercedes fills in Terrika on her history which leaves Terrika unhappy. Murda and Teak reminisce about their prison days. Mayor Kyle issues an executive order that shuts down Patrice's church. Murda's postcards encircle Clifford's vanity mirror. Roulette spies the oxy that Duffy and Big L are moving.

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P-Valley Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Coach: I don't need the exposure.
Mercedes: But I bet you need that Mercedes experience.

Mind the business that pays you.

Mercedes [to Roulette]