Returning to the Beginning - Pandora
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Flashback to Earth-Zatarian War, Battle of Asmodeus 6, 22 Years Ago

While the Earth and Zatarian forces fight in the space above the planet, CIS operatives take down a Pandora.

In the present-day, Admiral Lucas debriefs Jax and Xander on the space wave that is heading straight for Zatar. Jax recommends Lucas speak with Osborn for a solution to the wave. Lucas is skeptical.

Xander and Jax to Osborn in lock-up. They ask him to lead them back to the planet where he found Jax as a baby after boxing the first Pandora.

Ralen rappels into the lockup to get rid of the guard and rescue Osborn. Osborn joins the team on the Dauntless. He directs them to Asmodeus 6.

Ralen states that Zatar will not evacuate. They only have 20 hrs before the wave hits the planet.

Jax asks some advice from Osborn. He tells her that he may disappear after their mission to avoid Lucas locking him up again. Shral will be their go-between if Jax needs him.

22 years ago: Young Osborn and his compatriots box the previous Pandora, believing that if she reached the portal to contact the Ancients, she would have triggered the end of the universe.

Jax awakens from a vision and believes that boxing the previous Pandora was what convinced her the races weren't worth saving.

The portal is somewhere underground on Asmodeus 6. Matta plans on scanning for the portal's energy signature. Ralen points out the storms will prevent the shuttle from landing. Xander suggests they freefall through the atmosphere instead.

Jax is knocked out of formation during planetfall. Xander separates to retrieve her and brings the group back together. They survive with velocity shields.

Matta and Jax head in one direction and Ralen and Xander in another.

Xander discovers the coms aren't working.

Matta and Jax have a heart-to-heart. Jax expresses her disappointment in Ralen not sharing his marital statusas well as her anger with Xander for killing the other Pandora.

They find the energy frequency coming from a cave but, again, the coms are still problematic.

Ralen and Xander have a talk as well but get interrupted by weapon fire. They take down the alien firing on them and identify it as a foot soldier for the Ancients, presumably guarding the cavern they are approaching. This one looks different from the ones they've encountered before.

While in the cavern, Jax stops to receive a message from Osborn. Matta goes ahead and suddenly, Jax is seeing an alien leaving her as a baby on the cavern floor.

In the past, Osborn and Shral argue over what to do with the baby.

Matta returns and Jax's vision of the baby disappears. She identifies the cavern as her birthplace.

Shral reports to Osboarn that the entire Zatarian fleet has been destroyed.

Xander and Ralen are fighting the aliens.

Jax and Matta are nearby. Jax wants to go on instinct.

The aliens Xander and Ralen are fighting retreat suddenly. Another creature attacks.

Matta and Jax approach what looks like a dead end and an alien suddenly appears and kneels to Jax. the wall opens and reveals a portal. They are transported to the parking lot of a motel.

A man appears and escorts them inside. where another of him awaits them at the sign-in desk where a phone is ringing. Jax signs as another "Pandora" in a long list of previous Pandora guests.

Another identical man arrives to take them to their room.

Ralen runs in and attacks the creature with one of the aliens' weapons and scares it off. He follows and dispatches it.

Jax and Matta walk through the motel, noticing a room full of pigeons.

When they arrive at their room, there are more pigeons and a man in a chair. Jax tries to explain why she needs to speak to the Ancients. When questioned on the worthiness of the universe, Jax hesitates in answering. Matta does not hesitate and insists they must trust her.

The Ancients grant the universe more time (four months) but Jax must show that the six races of the universe can work together to redeem themselves.

To prove her conviction, Matta must stay with the Ancients as collateral.

Jax is sent back through the portal where Xander and Ralen find her and inform her that Zatar is safe, the energy wave disappeared. Jax has to tell Ralen his wife is gone.

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Pandora Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

No one is ever truly ready to meet their destiny.


Xander: So what do you think?
Jax: Well, I think you know what I think. I just hope you have a plan.
Xander: The plan might cost me my career. But if the universe gets destroyed, then who needs a career anyway?