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Xander floats in space, thinking he's about to die and records a final log, professing his love for Jax.

The Dauntless arrives and he deletes the recording.

On board the ship, he debriefs with Jax and Admiral Lucas.

Jax informs them that Matta has been working on tracking the portals.

On Earth, Admiral Lucas has Osborn arrested, insisting he knew about Eve being alive.

Harlan Fried receives a treatment to acclimate him to his clone body. He questions his doctor about the weapon. It is revealed that his "treatment" involves sacrificing people to maintain his youth.

On the Dauntless, Jax greets Xander, waiting in bed. He expresses insecurity about how badly the last mission went. They are interrupted by Ralen who informs them that Matta has found a location for the portal origins.

Jax, Xander, Ralen, and Matta shuttle to a planet in the Horatius System, uncharted and unexplored.

They find an Ark Ship, sent out from Earth 150 years ago. They are taken hostage by armed humans and brought to meet a young leader.

They identify themselves and inform them about Eve, Tierney, and the other Pandora.

They are welcomed to Clayton's World by the Council of the Elders.

At the Academy, Jett and Zazie meet up for study group but they're the only ones and Zazie is stressed over an upcoming test. Jett says he'll help but can't meet up with her in time for the test.

The people of Clayton's World offer refreshments which Xander likes and Jax does not. They ask where the older residents are and the head councilor informs them that she is nearly twenty-four years old.

Xander is given another drink and asked to hang back while the others are shown to their rooms.

Jax expresses suspicion to Ralen and Matta and wanders off to investigate.

Matta and Ralen make plans to leave Earth after the mission is resolved.

The head councilor talks with Xander and a gong is rung, summoning red-robed figures, carrying torches. Jax follows them but she is followed by the other Pandora.

Shral chats with Osborn in the lockdown. Osborn wants out and Shral offers to help.

The councilor leads the Dauntless group into a chamber where the red-robed figures dance in front of a portal. The councilor welcomes them to "The Departure." The red-robed individuals disrobe and walk through the portal. The councilor explains that anyone who becomes a "burden" through aging up to 25 is sent away to wherever the portal goes.

Jax speaks up and angers the councilor, Jennifer. In private afterwards, Xander chastises her for offending their hosts. Matta discovers that the Departure portal is not the portal she tracked.

Xander tells Jennifer that she may understand their reaction when they return to Earth but she states that they never will.

Jax decides to take another look at the portal despite Xander's orders to stay put.

Zazie's looking for Jett and finds him in Shral's office. Jett warns her off and Zazie states she'll tell on him.

Matta takes readings off the Departure portal and finds that it's unstable. Ralen sends a drone through and it is instantly destroyed, confirming that the people of Clayton's World have been executing their own for over a hundred years.

Zazie goes to see Prof. Shral and lets him know about Jett. Shral dismisses her and her accusations.

Jax confronts Jennifer with the fact that she and the rest of the council have been leeching off the portal's energy to stay young and immortal. When Xander tries to arrest them, Eve arrives.

Eve explains she's been supplying rations so that she can observe the malfunctioning portal. Jax asks her about her relationship with Tierney and she reveals that Tierney is her daughter by Harlan Fried.

Jennifer offers to spare a life if Xander agrees to stay on Clayton's World with her. He refuses and she prepares to send them all through to their deaths.

In the Departure Chamber, the Dauntless crew fight back but Jennifer gains the upper-hand only to be disarmed by the Pandora. She informs Jax that she's already informed the Ancients that this galaxy isn't worthy of existance.

Zazie and Jett have it out and Jett admits that he made a deal to work as a janitor to pay his tuition.

Jax begs Pandora to reverse her decision. Pandora refuses and Xander throws her through the broken portal.

The councilors and Eve are taken into custody to be taken back to Earth Com. The rest of the colonists decide to stay on Clayton's World.

Eve tells Xander that he's ruined his chances with Jax.

Jax locks Xander out of her quarters.

The Dauntless receives a distress call from a Zatarian vessel which is suddenly destroyed by an energy wave. Matta calculated the wave will carry through and destroy the planet Zatar.

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Pandora Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Doctor: It appears to be some kind of anti-matter weapon, able to completely consume solid matter within minutes.
Fried: And what does my daughter, Tierney, possibly want with it?
Doctor: I couldn't say.
Fried: Well, who could have created such a thing?
Doctor: I couldn't say.
Fried: You know absolutely nothing. Why on earth do I even keep you in my employ?
Doctor: I... couldn't say?

Admiral: Welcome aboard, Captain. How are you feeling?
Xander: I'm just happy to have a pulse, Admiral.