On Pandora Season 2 Episode 1, Xander and Jax follow a lead on Tierney. Admiral Lucas has interesting allies. Ralen gets a new roommate with a problematic history.

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A man retrieves an unknown substance from a crashed Protector ship.
Jax and Xander lay a trap from Tierney when she tries to buy the substance from The Courier. In the pursuit, Jax spots her mother twice. Raylan picks up Xander and Jax from the planet with The Courier, now in custody.
Jax and Xander discuss the mission when back on the Dauntless. They have sex and Jax dreams of being lured by a female voice and Xander shooting at her.
The new Admiral, Meredith Lucas, warns Jax to not get personally involved with Xander.
Ralen and Osborn discuss Lucas's relationship with Harlan Fried.
Harlan gives Lucas a model of the Dauntless as a gift for her office.
Jax's new roommate, Zazie, insists that she come and meet a new friend. They run into Prof Schal and Ralen. Ralen's new roommate turns out to be Zazie's friend, Jett, who was suspended last year. He wants to make amends.
Xander gets information from The Courier.
Jett interrupts Ralen and Matta.
Later, Zazie finds Jett in her room, under her desk, at midnight. They spend the night together.
The Admiral refuses to let Jax join the retrieval mission. Xander leads the team and when they find the substance, Eve arrives with her men. Shots are fired and the substance's cannister is breached. Everything it touches is dissolved. Xander's team is lost but he manages to reach an airlock and launch himself into space. The entire vessel is destroyed and everyone, including Xander, are assumed dead.

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On Pandora Season 2 Episode 1, Jax & Xander search for Tierney who is seeking a dangerous weapon. Meanwhile, Ralen deals with a problematic roommate & an ambitious wife.

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Pandora Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ah, Jax. Once again, you appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved relative.


Tierney: You're not the trusting type, are you?
The Courier: Would you be?
Tierney: Touché