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Haddie dyes her hair black, which greatly upsets her mother. Later, Haddie tells her mother she colored her hair because she needed a change and wants to be more adventurous.  Kristina finally understands her daughter and what she is going through.  

At breakfast with the family, Jasmine gets the call telling her that she got the dance job.  Now she is has to move to NY right away.  Later, Jabbar asks Crosby if he can call him daddy.  Crosby begins to have serious doubts about losing his new family.

Sarah goes to Adam to ask him to train Drew for his baseball tryouts.  When leaving his house she accidentally hits Adam’s car and pulls away.

Crosby and Zeek have an evening of exuberance and get drunk together.  Zeek tells his son that he needs to be there for his kid and that he needs to man up.

At breakfast, Adam tells Crosby and Julia that their father had an affair.  

Sarah goes to talk to Amber in the morning after a fight and finds her missing.  Sarah and Adam then begin searching for her, which has them stopping by Steve’s house and telling his parents all about what transpired between the three.  Steve then tells Sarah he loves Amber.

Sarah tells Adam that she was the one that hit his car.  He asks her how she expects her children to be honorable if she can't even tell him the truth.  

Sarah receives a call from Amber, who hitchhiked to a bus stop in Gilmore.  Kristina and Haddie decide to pick Amber up.  At the bus stop, Haddie and Amber reconcile with their parents looking on.  

Back at home, Sarah tells Amber that she sees her.  Sarah knows how smart Amber is and that she is lucky to have her as her kid.

Crosby tells Jasmine that he wants to be there for his son, and wants to move with them to New York.  

With his entire family looking on, Zeek tells Camille that he wants her back.  He then breaks out in song and serenades his wife, which puts a smile back on her face.

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Jasmine, you are my family!


Camille, I want to spend the rest of the time we have together making our lives good. I'm going to sing now.