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The roof over the barn begins to leak and Zeek decides to fix it all on his own, without the encouragement of his family.

Crosby video conferences Jabbar and Jasmine and seems very excited about their upcoming visit.  They even make plans for a sleepover for Jabbar and Max.  

Adam’s boss, Gordon, talks to him about his personal relationships affecting his work.  Adam then pitches an idea he got from Sarah.  Gordon loves the shoe design and has Adam begin working on it.

Kristina tries unsuccessfully to teach Haddie to drive.  Their lesson ends in a car crash, taking out the minivan’s side mirror.  Haddie begs her father to teach her instead.

Joel decides to help Zeek repair his leaky roof.  He agrees to let his father in law call all the shots during the repair but ultimately speaks up and tells Zeek to back off.  Zeek actually likes it that Joel has finally spoken up for himself.

Sarah tells Adam that she feels he stole her shoe idea.  He lets her know that he has done a lot for her over the years without expecting anything more than a thank you from her.    

Sydney questions her parent on the origin of babies.  They frantically try to answer her questions on who “fertilized” Julia’s egg and if all people come from a vagina.  

Turns out, Zeek and Camille are in marriage counseling.  Zeek seems to be listening more to his wife and even has cut his hair at the request of Camille.

Jasmine cancels her trip to visit Crosby.  Crosby then has to cancel the sleepover with Max.  Max doesn’t take the news well and has a complete breakdown.

Adam tells his boss that Sarah was the one that came up with the shoe idea.  Gordon then tells him that he needs him present at work because their company is in trouble.

Julia decides she wants to have another baby, a brother for Sydney.

Kristina tells Haddie that she might have been a bit irrational teaching Haddie to drive and she always imagines the worst of situations.  She is just scared to lose her.

Haddie has a sleepover with Max, where he can eat snacks in his bed.

Adam offers Sarah a job interning in the design department at his company.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Julia: I'm going back out there. I've read ten books on sex-ed I think I have a little bit of a better handle on how to explain a penis to a six year old girl.
Joel: Can we just give it five or six years to shake off the damage we've done and start fresh?

Haddie: I feel like you were being a little bit irrational.
Kristina: I was?
Haddie: A little bit out of the ordinary...

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Song Smile Evil Twins
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