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Crosby and Jasmine wake up in bed together after a night of fun, and Crosby is forced to jump out of the bedroom window to avoid his son.

Julia decides to volunteer as Sydney's soccer coach.

Sarah sees a pair of cufflinks in a pawn shop that belong to her father.    

Steve takes Haddie to the golf course to have a picnic and they run into Amber working.  Haddie feels Steve is forcing her to have sex and breaks things off with him.

Sarah confronts Zeek about the cuffs and he tells her he lost them a few months back.  Sarah then returns to the pawn shop and learns that her father was the one that pawned the cuffs.
Julia begins to coach soccer and asks Crosby if Jabbar can join the team.  With Jabbar's help they are able to actually win a game.

Kristina and Adam set up two playdates with families similar to their own.  They are out to find Max a friend.
Steve goes to talk to Amber about Haddie.  He admits to just wanting to lose his virginity to Haddie, and actually having feelings for Amber.    

Sarah goes to tell Adam about finding their father's personal items at a pawn shop. The Braverman siblings decide to sit down to talk about their parents about their fiscal troubles.  

At dinner, the Braverman siblings get Zeek to confess to Camille about their financial woes.  Camille then tells the kids that it isn't all about money.

Crosby tells Jasmine that he wants to be with her.  

Camille tells Sarah that Zeek has cheated on her, and that she has been covering for him for years to protect their children.  She asks Sarah not to tell the others about it.

Zeek goes to stay with Adam after being kicked out.

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

This is the worst Adam, sounds like Dr. Phil wrote this.


Crosby: Yeah I like sleep over's.
Jasmine: You do?
Crosby: Yeah, they're like my favorite.
Jasmine: Really?
Crosby: I didn't bring any jammies though.