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Amber wakes up with Steve at the golf course, after spending the night together.

Julia decides to call Tim, her ex, to help dig get her father out of financial trouble.  They invite him to dinner, and after Joel decides he wants to help Zeek himself.  Julia immediately shoots down her husband.

Sarah breaks down to her brother Adam, telling him that their father cheated on their mother.  She has him promise not to tell the others.  He immediately goes and tells Kristina.

Kristina tries to cheer her daughter up, and convinces her to have a good old fashion slumber party. Haddie invites Amber to her slumber party.  At the party, Amber comes clean having sex with Steve.  She begs Haddie for her forgiveness.

Crosby looks for a larger home, for his “work in progress” family.

Sarah goes with Camille to an art show and realizes that her mother has a thing for her art teacher.  Camille then leaves with Matthew to attend another art show.  Sarah waits up for her mother.  When Camille returns home, she admits to having an affair.

Adam confronts Zeek about cheating on Camille.  He tells Adam to come to him when he's been married for 40 years, and until to back the hell off.

After moving his childhood piano into a truck, Crosby plays Solace for his family.  The rest of the Braverman's begin to dance, as Amber looks sadly on.

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Camille: Go get dressed.
Sarah: I am dressed.
Camille: No, really dressed.

Look at her flirting and giggling, it's like she's in the Sex and the City movie.