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Crosby spends the evening watching a movie with Jabbar and Jasmine. After tucking in his son, he makes out with Jasmine. 

Kristina asks her daughter why she has bought herself a sexy bra from Victoria Secret.  She then asks Haddie to be careful.

Drew goes to Adam for help in learning how to dance.  Kristina, Julia and Sarah then join Adam for a funky dance around the living room.

Crosby goes and tells Jasmine that he wants to get to know her, and asks her out on a date. 

Kristina leaves her family for the weekend to help her old boss, assembly woman Bowser, get re-elected.  She does such a good job she is offered a full time job.  She ultimately decides that it isn't the right time, because her kids need her.

Sarah runs into Jim at a catering job.  He turns out to be the guest speaker, because he is a published author.  He reads many poems, obviously written about Sarah and their sexual affair. 

Jasmine and Crosby go on a date, which is interrupted by a call from Julia because Jabbar needs to go home to poop.  After helping their son, Jasmine and Crosby spend the night together. 
Haddie wants to go out with her boyfriend, but Adam has other ideas.  So, instead of wearing the sexy bra out, she takes it off and storms out bra-less. 

Adam goes to get Haddie at Steve's parents’ house, and finds them making out in his room.  She calls him out on being a hypocrite, because there is a double standard in the way he treats her compared to her cousin Drew.  He admits there it is a double standard, because she is his daughter. 

Amber drops a college catalog in front of her mother, asking her not to give up on herself either.

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Drew, listen to me. You are a Braverman, OK. Its genetic, you have the moves you know what I'm talking about. You have it in you.


Sarah: It's about flowers right?
Amber: I think it might be about your vag.