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Haddie has racked up a large cell phone bill, resulting in her parents calling back the mystery number and finding out it belongs to a boy.

Adam and Kristina then search Haddie's bedroom.  They get Crosby's help to crack her internet pass code and discover she has had a boyfriend for over one month.

Zeek offers to talk to Drew about his “extended” showers, aka masturbation dilemma. He is instantly rejected by Sarah.  Adam ultimately talks to Drew about masturbation.

Adam and Kristina confront Haddie about her boyfriend Steve.  She gets upset because they broke into her Facebook account.  She then sneaks out of her house, going to her grandparents’ house to get advice from Amber.    

Amber agrees to babysit Sydney, with apparent reservations from Julia and Joel.  While out on their date, Joel and Julia run into Racquel.  What are the odds?  

Jabbar has a sleepover with Crosby, resulting in Jabbar’s thumb getting stuck in a soda can.  Crosby rushes him to the hospital.  He also calls Julia for help, and when she arrives at the hospital she is surprised by the news that he has a son.  

Crosby tells Julia she is an amazing mom, because of what she did to help get Jabbar’s thumb unstuck!

Kristina gets Haddie to promise not to sneak around anymore, with Adam listening at her bedroom door.

The episode ends with the Braverman clan playing a game of basketball; at the family barbeque Haddie brings her boyfriend to meet her parents.

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Kristina: You know honey; I think he's more scared then anything.
Haddie: Of what?
Kristina: Of losing you.

When it comes to testosterone, the Braverman men are blessed with an abundance of riches.