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Poor Max is having trouble in school.  He knocks over a fish tank and gets kicked out of school.

Crosby takes care of Jabbar for an entire day, so Jasmine can go on a dance audition.

Julia visits Sydney at her swimming class, and decides the class is not effective.  She decides to take on teaching her daughter to swim herself. 

Sarah breaks it off with Jim and then her car immediately breaks down.  Her parents offer to buy her another car, and she thoughtfully accepts. 

Sarah snoops through her dad's office and again sees condoms in his desk drawer.  She asks her dad why he has the condoms, and he admits that he and her mother are having problems in their relationship.   

Adam and Kristina visit a new school for Max. The school administrator agrees to meet Max.

Julia arrives at Sydney's swimming school in attempt to teach her to swim, and actually almost lets Sydney drowned. 

Crosby's girlfriend returns, and asks him who Jabbar is.  Crosby lies, claiming Jabbar is one of the band member's kids.  Jabbar seems hurt by Crosby's words.

Adam and Kristina accidently forget about Haddie's game.  Haddie admits to her dad that she only remembers life always being about Max.

The entire Braverman family heads to the swimming pool.  Adam gets a call on his cell, letting them know Max has gotten into the school! 

Sarah goes to Jim’s house, late at night...

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Adam: There are some days when you just blow it, and that is what happened today. I blew it and I'm really, really sorry.
Haddie: It's OK.

Adam: I am very, very proud of you, in so many ways.
Haddie: (tears up)