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Sydney bounces a ball behind the teacher's back during story time and also hit another student on the head.  Her parents are then called in for a conference.  

Zeek asks Adam to go with him on a road trip to look at an investment property.  

Crosby receives an invitation to Jabbar's birthday party and decides he wants to be a part of the planning.

Sarah walks into Amber and her ex-boyfriend in the shower. Sarah blames herself, because Amber is still mad about Mr. Cyr.

Julia goes to visit Kristina, about Sydney's ball obsession.  She wants to know that the first signs were with Max.  But after seeing Max's doctor, they find out Sydney is gifted.

Camille tells Sarah that she is the one she can relate to the most, the brave one that takes risks.  She tries to comfort her daughter, telling her everything will be alright.  

Zeek wants to sell a piece of property to his son, to set up a factory.  He admits that he took a second out to buy this property and now is in trouble.  Zeek is asking Adam for help, because he might lose his house.

While setting up for Jabbar's birthday party, Crosby finally angrily confronts Jasmine about the time he lost with his son.  He also wants his family at his son's party.  Jasmine tells him that her family doesn't like him because they think he abandoned Jabbar.

At the birthday party, both families meet.  Jasmine's brother confronts Crosby, on not being around for his nephew.  Jasmine then finally tells her family the truth.  

Sarah decides to start to trust her daughter instead of giving her a hard time all the time.  Amber then breaks it off with her loser boyfriend.

Adam and Kristina find it amusing that their son Max stole genius Sydney's rubber band ball.  

Jasmine then shows Crosby Jabbar's birth tape, which brings him to tears.

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Sarah: I think I'll just try and get along with you and trust you.
Amber: OK. I'm meeting Damien and he's picking me up.

Crosby: Your family is intense.
Jasmine: You think.
Crosby: That's saying a lot coming from me.