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The Braverman Thanksgiving starts with a bang, and I’m talking about more than the fate of Julia’s pie plate.  Gordon calls Adam to the office and announces that he’s selling the company.  Adam is a tad upset, to say the least.  He’s even more upset when he realizes Gordon will be at the Braverman dinner only hour later.  Adam rushes home and tells Kristina.  They agree to keep the sale of the company on the down low and to continue with their holiday.

At Crosby and Jasmine’s house, Crosby is less than thrilled when Renee, Jasmine’s mother, reveals that she not only baked the stuffing requested by Camille, but she went rogue and baked two pies.  Crosby comments that Julia is the pie person, and can be a tad intense around the holidays.  Cut to Julia and her intensity.  Joel and Sydney are hunkered down on the couch fearful for their lives as Julia stomps around huffing and puffing in the kitchen.  

Once everyone arrives at Zeek and Camille’s, dinner preparations abound as the siblings banter and quip at one another with great wit.  Crosby and Joel zing one another regarding the battle over the Kindergarten play, Adam and Sarah fight over whether or not Gordon should have been invited, and Adam and Crosby battle over who will carve the turkey.  

For the first time in a while, Drew has his own scene.  He’s upset that Sarah has brought Gordon to dinner, but it’s more than that.  In what turns out to be a very touching moment between him and Zeek, it is revealed that he misses his father, Seth.    Zeek gives him a little pep talk and then sneaks away to the barn to call Seth, urging him to call Drew.  When Seth does call, it’s in the middle of dinner, and Amber refuses to accept the call.  Later, Drew and Zeek talk more in the barn and Zeek ends up giving Drew his first beer.

After dinner, the Bravermans gear up for their annual football game.  Haddie, the winner of the coveted golden turkey award three years running, has decided to skip out and head down to the food bank.  Adam’s been touting her as his secret weapon and is disappointed.  The football game starts out friendly, but quickly develops into a grudge match between Adam and Gordon.  The game ends with Adam announcing that Gordon sold the company.  Afterwards, when Sarah confronts Gordon, he breaks it off with her, explaining he needs to leave town for a bit.

Throughout the day, Sydney had been acting up and mouthing off to Julia.  During dinner Julia snaps at her daughter, much to everyone’s surprise.  After everyone leaves, Julia confesses to Camille that she feels like a bad mother because she spoils Sydney.  Camille tearfully tells her that she is a wonderful mother.

The episode ends with Amber giving Camille a much needed break, sending her away from her messy kitchen with a glass of wine, Kristina picking Haddie up at the food shelter and finding her in a liplock with Alex, and the siblings end the night dancing to some hip hop in the kitchen while Zeek and Camille look on.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Crosby: Kristina, she's Switzerland, we can use her as a buffer.
Sarah: Yeah, can we clone her and sit her next to all of the difficult people?

I'm running for president of Thanksgiving.