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Kristina's neighbor, Suze, asks her for advice and support during her impending divorce.  Kristina offers to watch her son Noel as help, and his unruly presence causes a lot of stress for Adam.

Sarah nervously begins her internship where she immediately catches Gordon’s eye. 

Amy, Sydney's classmate, asks Julia if she can have a play date with her daughter.  Turns out Amy and Sydney do not share mutual friends.  Joel asks Julia to cancel the play date because Joel understands the delicate social circle of Sydney’s friends.  In the end, Julia makes a mess of things then lies her way out, just like a lawyer.   

Jasmine and Jabbar go home to visit Crosby.

Crosby tells Jasmine that their long distance relationship isn't working out and that he is willing to move to NY to be with them.  She then tells Crosby that she was chosen to join the European Tour Company.  

Crosby wants to watch Jabbar during her four week tour, which turns into a huge argument.  

In the end, Crosby agrees and tells Jasmine that he wants Jabbar to stay with him but understands that it might be better for his son at grandma's house.  

Adam walks in on Sarah and Gordon having lunch together.  He overhears Sarah telling his boss about his problems with Max.

After Sarah's first day at work, Adam tells Sarah he doesn’t want to carpool and for her not to talk about his personal life at work.  He asks her to respect his privacy and also not to spend so much time with Gordon. Sarah then quits!

Adam eventually apologizes to Sarah and the two resume there new working relationship.

Jasmine sadly leaves for Europe, leaving her son behind.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Julia: And besides there are three Amy's, we can blame it on the other one.
Joel: What happens when we run out of Amy's?
Julia: You think of something.
Joel: You said that so seductively, clever girl.

Jasmine: You're cute.
Crosby: It's the motorcycle. Yeah, I'm just a six but with the motorcycle I'm an eight.