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This week’s episode starts with some bad news for the Bravermans.  Sarah and Adam are disappointed when her clicker shoe performs poorly with a test group.  Adam is forced to take matters into his own hands when Max’s supermarket meltdown results in a fist fight, and Crosby must face the reality that moving in with Jasmine means he may have to part with his houseboat.

The only Braverman beginning her day seemingly unscathed is Haddie, who finds herself more and more interested in her coworker, Alex.  As she grows closer to Alex, she’s also beginning to examine her own life and comparing her values with those of Alex and people like him, those who help the homeless.  In an honest moment, she kisses Alex, only to have him reject her.  Later he reveals he is an alcoholic in recovery for only five months, and thus cannot be involved in a romantic relationship.

When her boss, Gordon, rents a limo to blow off steam after the bad test results for the clicker shoe, he invites Sarah and Adam to come along.  Adam decides to stay at the office, leaving Sarah and Gordon to have a romantic evening.   Their bliss is short-lived, however, when Sarah jumps awake at dawn and realizes her whole family will know she stayed out all night.  And…these are Bravermans, of course the word spreads fast.  Sarah’s kids are ticked, but Camille reassures her that she does deserve happiness.

Later, the gang gathers at Crosby and Jasmine’s new apartment to help the young couple move in.  Everyone except Sarah of course, who has spent the better part of the night in the back of Gordon’s limo.  While there, Zeek decides (at Camille’s urging), to talk to Adam and to discover why he is losing his cool and punching people in supermarkets.  

They have a nice moment where Adam reveals he holds a lot of anger towards Zeek for being such a hot head while Adam was growing up, and is resentful that he always had to keep everything under control.  Adam confesses he’s starting to lose that control now, and can’t handle it.

Crosby, meanwhile, is devastated that no one is acknowledging what a milestone it is for him to sell his houseboat.  He decides to take matters into his own hands and invites the siblings to the boat for a going away party.  The siblings gather and assuage Crosby’s fears of screwing up his new life.  They stand around and support him as he plants a for sale sign on the boat.

In the end, all is right with the Braverman world.   Adam confesses his crime to Christina, and after hearing the circumstances surrounding the beat down, she agrees that the punch was justified.   Jasmine acknowledges Crosby’s emotional tie to the boat, and they…ahem, set the boat a rockin’.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Adam doesn't punch people, you punch people.

Camille [to Zeek]

You have a crush on a homeless guy! Okay, be safe! You look good, and clean. He's gonna like that.

Amber [to Haddie]