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Crosby and Jasmine tell Jabbar their plans to wed and he shows no excitement to their news.

Joel starts a temporary job of rebuilding a bathroom, which begins to interfere with Julia's work schedule and taking care of Sydney.  

Gordon tells Adam that their company isn't going to make it until spring and that he has to lay off seven people.  Gordon then asks him to come up with a list.

Gordon invites Sarah to join him in LA for an impromptu vacation but she declines his offer.  

Haddie begins volunteering at a soup kitchen with Camille.  She meets a young man who riles her up but also peaks her interest.

Amber asks her mom not to tell Kelsey’s mom about the mess at fraternity Halloween party.  Sarah doesn't listen to her daughter and ends up spilling the beans to Kelsey's mom.  

Amber gets very upset at her mother because now Kelsey’s mom thinks Amber is the bad influence, and the two are not allowed to hang out.  Sarah has lost her only friend.  

Sarah tells Adam that Gordon asked her out.  Adam lets his sister know that he doesn’t believe Gordon is a good guy and that he is only trying to get her into bed.

Julia gets mad at Joel because she has to cover his slack in taking care of Sydney.  She has to give up six hundred dollars an hour so he can grout some man's bathroom. 

Crosby tells Adam about his engagement to Jasmine and Jabbar's lack of enthusiasm.  Crosby admits that his son was a big part of why he proposed in the first place.  Adam tells Crosby it is natural for him to feel nervous.  

Adam regrettably fires seven people at work.    

Crosby and Jasmine announce to the Bravermans their plans to get married.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Sarah: Hey, I'm sorry I know your feeling lonely. I understand what that feels like.
Amber: I'm fine, she was a little weird anyway, let's face it.

Jasmine, welcome to crazy town!