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Julia wants to have another baby and it seems Joel just wants to make furniture.  

Haddie decides to run for student council and receives encouragement from her parents.  Kristina wants to help her daughter but Haddie thinks she is being controlling.

Sarah worries that Amber is spending too much time at her new friend’s house.  She wants her daughter to spend time with her as well.

Jabbar's grandma Rene is giving Crosby a hard time.  She thinks Crosby will leave Jabbar just like her husband left Jasmine. In the end, the two work things out and Crosby is allowed more time with his son.

Sarah makes a friend at work named Mike.  Mike tells Sarah about a secret location where she can take Amber to see Ben Harper's new rock band, Fist Full of Mercy.  
Adam feels disconnected from Max.  He wants to have dinner with Max once a week, giving them a chance to bond.

Joel is upset at Julia for telling Adam about her plans to have another baby.  Joel wanted her to keep their personal business between them.  If they decide to have another baby, he would be affected the most, so he is unsure.  

Sarah and Amber wait in a long line to get into the secret concert.  They wait for over one hour, and as they are leaving run into Mike and he helps them get in.  The next morning, Sarah tells her mom she had a great time.

After talking, Julia and Joel decide to have another baby.  Joel just wants to be a part of the decision making in the future.  

Adam talks to Max about his days as treasurer and the two actually engage in a heated conversation.

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Parenthood Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

It's not fair of you to hold a grudge against me for some crap your husband did years ago. I'm here for my son and I'm not going anywhere. You're going to have to deal with that.


Joel: If we're going to have another baby Julia there has to be room for me. You can't be the one making all the plans and I just, I can't be the yes man.
Julia: I know, I do.