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Adam met his new boss on this week's Parenthood, a young man who made millions off a video game. While it seems as if he doesn't care at all about the future of the shoe business, playing games and smoking up in his office all day, the boss gives Adam a speech near the end of the episode:

He cares a lot. The company is going to get younger and more radical and he wants Adam on board with that... if he can handle it. Adam claims he can, but we then see him seeking a new job with a head hunter, only to be told nothing is out there. The guy is starting to feel too old for his current gig.


- Crosby turned to Joel for help with the kindergarten performance, admitting he couldn't do it alone.

- Haddie disobeyed her parents' request and continued to see Alex, even going on a romantic rooftop date with the recovering alcoholic. Amber assisted her in this devious mission, trying her to and from the night out.

- Amber also overcame her own fears and put on a great performance during an open mic night. She received great help and advice from her mom, who couldn't have been more proud to watch her daughter on stage.

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