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Kristina starts her next round to cancer treatments.

Crosby plans a special weekend for their anniversary.

Renee decides to move out of Crosby's.

Hank goes to Minnesota.

Kristina is scheduled for a body scan when her liver shows some abnormalities.

Sydney doesn't think Victory should be adopted.

Drew is accepted to Berkeley.

Ryan goes to Amber's and shares how he feels.

Mark goes to Sarah's and tells her he's going to fight for her.

Adam surprises Kristina with a trip to Hawaii but she refuses it.

Kristina buys a pink wig.

Sarah tells Mark she intends to make it work with Hank.

Victor breaks something in the house and asks Julia if she's going to change her mind about adopting him.

Drew and Amy talk, and say goodbye.

Amber tells Ryan about her car accident and how much she loves him and needs him to be responsible for them.

Jasmine tells Crosby she is pregnant.

Hank tells Sarah he's going to move to Minnesota.

Max got Victor a lizard for his adoption.

At Victor's adoption ceremony, everyone promises to Victor to be a true family member to him.

Hank tells Sarah he loves her and asks her to go to Minnesota with him.

Kristina finds out she is cancer free.

Ryan and Amber look at wedding rings while walking on the street.

Adam and Kristina go to Hawaii.



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Parenthood Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

I just needed to be honest and tell you that I still love you and I know that I'm always gonna love you because you're the one for me. We've gone through so many different things and, uh, uh, we've fought for who we are, cause when it's just us in a room together, it's amazing. And I think you know that, too.


I just hope that you can remember the bond that we have, you know? You're my best friend in the whole world. I feel like I've known you my whole life. I don't even know what it was like before you. I don't even think about it.