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Crosby and Jasmine are shopping for car seats when she goes into labor.

Sarah is working as a superintendent at an apartment building.

Kristina and Adam are in a bar, and Kristina suggests they live "Carpe Diem" by going to a hotel.

Ryan is redeployed in Kandahar, and his relationship with Amber has come to Skyping.

Hank is back in town from Minnesota. Max visits

Max is trying his hand at photography, and gets Hank's opinion on his work with bugs and lizards. He also tells Hank Sarah said she's much happier now that she's no longer with him.

Joel, Julia, Sydney and Victor look at property Joel is bidding on for a large project and we learn Julia is trying to get a new job, as well.

Bob Little stops in to talk with Kristina about running his campaign as he runs for mayor, and offers to put her in charge of education if he wins.

Crosby and Jasmine cannot agree upon a first or last name for their new little girl, and the family visits to welcome the new member of the family.

Sarah misses Drew and doesn't like him responding to emails with text messages.

Julia worries about her references during a job interview, and doesn't get the job.

Joel brings 'Pete" home and she's a woman.

Kristina visits her friends on the cancer ward.

Amber tells Drew Ryan is coming home and she's scared.

Julia ruminates about having one job her entire career and screwing it up.

Joel gets the job with Pete.

Sarah chats with her neighbor Carl.

Adam and Crosby drive the new baby around, and Crosby worries he is not bonding with her.

Adam tells Kristina Max would make a great photographer and they should encourage him.

Kristina decides to run for Mayor of Berkeley.

Jasmine names their baby - Aida Braverman.

Kristina files her papers to run for mayor and tells Bob Little.

Drew delivers breakfast to his mom.

Amber greets Ryan at the base upon his return and he proposes on the spot.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

That's my motto for life - I'm just in it for the sugar.


Max: I walked, during my radius, that I can walk to on my own. The idea is that I build autonomy so that eventually I'll be able to move out and support myself. Also, eventually, they're going to die, so I'm going to need to learn to live on my own anyway.
Hank: Hmm. That's touching.