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Adam and Kristina struggle with how to handle her campaign for mayor. 

It's the first day of school.

Kristina is interviewing campaign managers.

Heather hires herself as Kristina's manager.

The Bravermans form a hug line to welcome Ryan home.

Julia helps a fellow parent before school and they get punished for late kids.

Max and Hank chat about Amber and Ryan getting married, and Sarah's reaction to the news.

Amber asks Sarah if she's mad that she's getting married.

Zeek and Camille investigate a home security system.

Heather grills Adam about his past and gets the impression he thinks Kristina is fooling herself about the election.

Amber seems disappointed that Ryan didn't have the engagement planned.

Crosby tries to keep Jabbar quiet, but Jabbar isn't having it.

Julia and Ed bond while working on The Green Team, but she lies to him about being employed.

Hank takes Sarah housewarming gift and talks about Sarah's engagement.

Adam admits to Kristina he's worried the stress of running for mayor will cause a relapse.

Crosby, Jasmine and the kids go to a restaurant, Aida won't stop crying and they get kicked out.

Camille thinks she and Zeek should downsize and have adventures.

Julia apologizes to Ed for lying and realizes she made a new friend.

Crosby and Jabbar take a time out at The Luncheonette to get their noise on.

Sarah asks Amber if they can plan her wedding together.

Kristina gives her first speech as a mayoral candidate.

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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Heather: Alright. We've got some work to do, you're a little rusty, but that's what I want to see more of - more Kristina.
Kristina: I haven't really made my decision...
Heather: You know what? We've gotta, like, write an announcement speech, so I'm gonna get some coffee. You want anything?
Kristina: I.. sure. Are you hired?
Heather: I'm just gonna take the job, because you don't have time for more interviews. We have this announcement speech to write.

Crosby: Hey! Jules! You better get inside or you're gonna get screwed! You gotta get your sign-up sheet!
Julia: I know!