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Drew goes to Crosby for advice on woman while Adam tries to be there for Kristina. 

Kristina pretends everything is okay and digs into her cake.

Sarah's neighbor Carl saves her from angry tenants when the heat is out, and then kisses her when he trips the breaker and the electricity goes off.

Julia apologizes to Joel and tells him the way they're behaving isn't them. They have to get it together for their kids and for themselves.

Ashes of Rome comes into the studio and Zach looks horrible and his hand is in a splint. Oliver is angry at Amber for causing them to lose a week in the studio.

Crosby and Adam take Amber aside and ask her if Ryan has ever gotten violent with her and she swears he's a great guy.

Heather is upset that Kristina didn't win the mayoral race. 

Joel decides to come home from work early to make pizza with the kids. 

Amber tells Ryan about Zach and how they're losing money at The Luncheonette because of what he did and he says he will pay them back, and she tells him he's not even allowed near there anymore. She says she can't overlook things in the real world because of how much she loves him and he tells her things have been perfect. Amber tells him that since she can't trust him to be truthful with her she needs time to decide if they will work in the real world.

Drew doesn't like Natalie staring at him, and makes fun of her going to frat parties. 

Sydney tells Joel and Julia that Ed and his wife are separating.

Ryan visits Zeek and tells him Zach was taunting him by thinking that things in his life were important when he doesn't have any idea what really matters. Zeek thinks that Ryan's trying is enough. Ryan says he feels out of sync with regular life and might belong in the military.

A woman at the playground interrupts Kristina and Adam to promise her a vote if she gets the slide fixed.

Drew goes to Crosby for girl advice and he asks if he wants to have the conversation over a beer, and Drew tells him it's 9am.

Sarah tells Carl that they can't sleep together again. 

Julia goes to Ed's and tells him to stop emailing and calling. He tells her that he's alright with separating and wallowing a bit, as long as it's truthful and after his speech, they kiss.

Drew makes rules for his booty calls with Natalie, and it backfires into them being just friends.

Kristina thinks that if she had gone negative she would have won the election. 

Amber finally tells Sarah about what happened with Ryan. She wants to have a conversation with her as a person, not as her mom. Sarah used to be afraid she would be too tough to fall in love, but now she thinks she's courageous enough to do it. As her mom, it's not what she wants for her.

Amber tells Ryan how much she loves him and that they can get through anything together. He tells her he can't do this life and he reenlisted.

Joel and Julia prepare for date night.

Adam takes Kristina to Bob Little's sign in the street to chuck eggs at it as a way to get back at him.

Amber shows up at Sarah's in tears.

Drew's old girlfriend Amy shows up at his dorm.


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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

You know, I've been at work all day at my dream job that I worked really hard to get defending you and, you know, we're losing money because of what you did to Zach. He's so messed up he can't even play.


Yeah, it's official. You're a slumlord now.