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Sarah helps Hank with a family issue while Joel and Julia face challenges with Victor.

Everybody at school makes fun of Victor as he walks through the halls on his way to his first day back in fourth grade and while Joel takes him to the bathroom, Julia runs into Ed.
Amber finds pills in Ryan's drawer.
Max meets Ruby, Hank's daughter.
Kristina is busy campaigning at all the local spots, schools, restaurants, delis and retail locations and she's within 2.5 points again.
As Crosby and Jasmine campaign, they discuss how profound it was for her to vote for Obama in '08.
Max wants to ask Ruby to be his girlfriend because she is a Sharks fan, she's 14 and she's a girl, so she meets all the requirements.
Crosby asks Amber to sing background vocals and the drummer for Ashes of Rome is in the studio with him.
Amber gets home late and misses dinner with Ryan. She thinks he's mad at her about the ring. He assures her he is not. She mentions the pills and he says they are from an old prescription and he has no anxiety.
Joel sees a text from Ed on Julia's phone and she says the sustainability program is taking over her life.
Crosby takes Jabbar to vote, and learns he is not registered to vote. 
When Ruby tells Max she won't be his girlfriend, Hank asks her to just say she will be. She says she's calling mom.
Julia brings the kids home from school and Sydney is screaming at Victor and Victor is yelling at Julia and everyone is upset.
Adam and Kristina vote.
Hank goes to Sarah to talk about Ruby and Max.
Jabar tells Jasmine about Crosby voting public versus voting private.
Julia calls Joel in tears but he doesn't answer the phone.
Oliver tells Amber they aren't getting a backup singer because she sounds good and she goes out for drinks with the band afterward.
Kristina's friend with cancer goes to her polling place.
Julia tracks down Joel at work, where he's eating sushi with Peet over blueprints and he ignores her desire to talk because he doesn't think it's an emergency.
Hank talks to Max about the fact he doesn't need a girlfriend.
Ryan calls Amber and he's concerned and upset that she's at the bar. Amber worries about Ryan coming to get her, even though she can't drive.
Crosby bought a vote for Kristina.
Ryan shows up and beats the crap out of the Ashes of Rome band members.
Sarah meets Drew's friend, Natalie, who say's they're keeping it casual.
Joel picks Kristina's campaign headquarters party as a place to have a serious talk with Kristina. Joel tells Julia he championed her for nine years but she can't be there for him for three months. 
The little girl who was the topic at the debate is at Kristina's concession and thanks her for changing her life because she's at a better school where she's getting the help she needs.
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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Victor: Why did you say I was smart when I'm dumb?
Julia: Sweetheart...
Victor: You're a liar.

I have intentions of asking Ruby to be my girlfriend.