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Zeek gives Sarah some important advice while Adam has to deal with some unwanted media attention during Kristina's campaign.

Zeek embraces the single life.
Jabbar takes up ballet.
Joel and Julia are talking about an upcoming meeting with Victor's teacher and Sydney overhears them say he might be held back.
Amber shows off her ring at The Luncheonette and feels very uncomfortable.
Sarah's neighbor, Carl, invites her to a party in his apartment.
Heather calls a campaign meeting and starts thanking the staff for all their hard work, then tells Kristina that they're within 2 points of Bob Little.
Reporters descend upon Adam asking if he violently assaulted a man in a supermarket.
Heather is angry that Adam didn't tell her about his past when she vetted him.
Heather wants to use dirt on Kristina, but Kristina doesn't want to use what she has.
Ryan asks Amber how her day went and if anyone noticed her ring, and she bristles at the question.
Sarah visits Zeek to find out he's eating whipped cream and cereal.
Crosby hopes that Jabbar is doing ballet for reasons other than that he loves ballet.
When Julia and Ed are working in the garden at school, she tries to get information out of Victor's teacher in advance of their meeting and learns Victor is being moved back to fourth grade.
Kristina confronts Bob Little about his dirty campaigning. He dares her to use the dirt she has on he and Amber.
Carl tells Sarah that if he doesn't go to his party, she should go to a party.
Kristina talks about Amber about Bob Little and Amber wants to run with it, and then Kristina notices the ring.
Julia tells Joel about Victor and they get into a major argument not only about that but about all of Julia's decisions in the last year.
Crosby razzes Adam about his video and then tells him about Jabbar and ballet. Adam tells Crosby to get more interested in ballet like he did when Max chose bugs over baseball.
Sydney asks Julia if she and Joel have been fighting so much lately because of Victor going back to fourth grade.
When Bob Little tears a photo off of Haddie's Facebook page and uses it out of context, Kristina decides to call a press conference.
Amber has the talk with Ryan about the ring, telling him she wants something a little less expensive so they can have the money for other things.
Joel dismisses Julia's concerns about fighting in front of the kids by saying he will be there for his son.
Sarah spend Saturday with Zeek, and he wonders why she's not out having a life, so she decides to go to Carl's party.
Kristina prepares to give the press conference about what Bob Little did with Amber and instead defends what Adam did three years prior, deciding against a personal attack.
Ryan returns the ring.
Joel and Julia tell Victor about going back to fourth grade. He takes it as expected.
Zeek uses Skype to call Camille and catches her on the way out.
Kristina's poll numbers drop by 2 points after the press conference.
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Parenthood Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

You were the underdog! Now you're two points away!


Kristina: Are you sure it's just about the ring?
Amber: Yeah.
Kristina: Oh. OK.
Amber: Everything's fine, I just. Yeah.