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Sarah has mixed feelings about Amber's news, Zeek faces a challenging health decision and Kristina struggles with the needs of her students. 

Amber and Sarah talk further about her pregnancy. Sarah's reaction is hardly what Amber imagined.

Julia wakes up next to her new man; Joel has the kids. He calls her to talk about the note sent home by Sydney's teacher. Syd said there is a new little girl who has been picking on her. Joel thinks they should talk about it with Syd's teacher even if Syd says it's no big deal.

Kristina and Adam frantic as usual. Max wants photography to be his elective, but they don't have photography at the school. Since mom runs the school, she should make it so. All hell breaks loose when one student can't have casein (huh?) and gluten in his lunches.

Crosby has all the kids gathered -- he's going to record a special birthday song for Zeek's 72nd birthday. Max refuses to sing unless Crosby will sign off on it as an art elective.

At the doctor's office, Zeek and Camille discover the next option is surgery. Zeek doesn't think it's a big enough of a deal to treat surgically, but the doctor reminds him he was lucky. He could have passed out driving or walking on the sidewalk and hit his head and died.

Camille doesn't even feel comfortable with Zeek driving, but he's stubborn.

Hank can't get over the fact that Ryan was in traction when Amber got pregnant. She let Amber down and it doesn't matter what she feels about it, Amber needs her.

Crosby is shocked to learn about Zeek's possible surgery, because as the baby of the family, nobody bothered to tell him. He's angry about that, but wants to go see Zeek with Adam so they can talk him into it.

Select Lunch rips up their contract with Chambers Academy. He can't make individualized lunches for 40 kids! Their argument was hilarious.

Joel and Julia discover that Sydney has been aggressively excluding Melody at school. Bullying is discussed. Melody is a heavy girl and Sydney doesn't think she should be eating. Joel takes the time to share with Miss Reese that they're separated and the kids might be troubled. Julia is embarrassed.

When Kristina wants to know if Adam will step up with the dietary issue, Crosby jumps at the chance to speak to their dad alone.

Sarah's first attempt to support Amber goes very poorly. Sarah wishes it wasn't happening now, when she has barely had time to love and work.

Crosby's talk with Zeek doesn't go very well, either. Zeek asks which choice he would make, fainting spell or the risk of open heart surgery. Crosby chooses fainting, of course, and Zeek says he's never felt better.

Bless Adam for taking on the new culinary arts elective. He is having four kids cook 40 individual meals each day.

Sydney explodes when Joel and Julia try to talk with her.

Adam and Kristina have Zeek's party at their place. Crosby's is the first family there and shares that the cutest member of the family crapped herself on the way over. Everyone looks at Jasmine who says, "my bad." Zeek walks into the party with three grown kids screaming that he won't elect to get the elective surgery because he's afraid.

Zeek's party isn't a lot of fun for him. He wants meat instead of lentils or tofu. He shares that he could have a diminished quality of life and he doesn't want that.

Amber tells Zeek she's pregnant and worries that he's disappointed in her. He thinks it's incredible and wonderful. Being a great-grand dad means something to him.

Everybody spits out the gluten-free tart courtesy of a Martha Stewart recipe that Crosby says tastes like landfill. Then the kids' song is played. Jabar tells Zeek about the plans for his 80th birthday.

Sarah shows up at Amber's later that night with baby pictures of her girl.

Edgar's mother thought the culinary arts idea was amazing.

Julia researches bullying and calls Joel. They realize they don't know what to do about Syd. They don't use words, but reach out like two old, lost friends.

Zeek tells Millie Amber is pregnant. They are shocked at the idea of being great grandparents, in a good way. Zeek tells his Millie he's going to have the surgery.


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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

Look, all I know is my daughter's pregnant, and she was so scared, too. She was so scared to tell me and I just froze. I, I bet she dreamed of this wonderful moment where she tells her mom this exciting news and I totally let her down. I just said, 'oh.'


You founded Chambers Academy to meet the needs of every student. My artistic needs are not being met. Nora agrees.