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Amber deals with some surprising news, Adam and Kristina scramble to make sure everything is ready to open their charter school and Sarah and Zeek head to Vegas for his birthday. 

Amber is seeing her baby's heartbeat for the first time. She tells the doctor that nobody knows about her pregnancy. The doctor asks if it's a pregnancy she wants. If she doesn't, she has to act sooner rather than later.

Crosby's baby is learning to walk.

Julia is having a hot -n- heavy affair with a fellow attorney.

Sarah is making cappuccino that Hank hates at his place while he tries to decide on the type of sheets to get for Ruby's bed. They're officially together as boyfriend and girlfriend, but he hasn't told anyone yet, including his girl or his ex-wife.

Kristina is at the school and it's three days from open and not nearly done. Max wants to be home schooled and not go to Chambers, their school.

Camille is happily painting on their new deck and Zeek is planting a garden.

Sarah surprises Zeeks wtih a birthday trip to vegas.

Max continues to demand homeschooling.

Hank's ex, Sandy and Ruby arrive, arguing. Sandy wants Ruby to respect Hank, which is nice.

The first thing Sandy notices is Hank's cappucino machine, but he still doesn't tell her about Sarah.

Ruby finds a lacy thong in her dresser and brings it out to show Hank and ewwww.

Haddie is hom, helping with the school. It's a family affair. She's planning a trip to Prague with her girlfriend and thinks Amber should join them.

Joel stops by the school and Julia is noticibly uncomfortable. That doesn't stop Kristina from asking him to help with the plumbing.

Sarah shares with Zeek that she misses the house. They're at the blackjack table and he passes out.

Julia gets the call about Zeek just as Joel comes by.

Zeek of course wonders why the on-call doctor is only 14. Zeek insists he just stood up too fast.

Their biggest concern is that it may have been a heart attack.

Millie is strangely in control considering the situation. She's more interested in trying to talk Julia into accepting Joel back into her life.

Hank tries to reconnect with his daughter.

Adam and Crosby decide to head to Vegas.

Max thinks his parents should have asked him about the school first. He'll not be attending Chambers Academy.

When Haddie confronts Amber about not being her friend, Amber tells her about the pregnancy.

Everyone is freaked when they can't find Zeek. He's back at the blackjack table. Arguments ensue. Crosby is excited to be at his dad's side and playing cards. He's up $2500 and intends to keep enjoying his birthday. Crosby decides to join him, if they can play craps after a couple of hands.

Sandy arrives at Hank's to talk. It's not working with Ruby. Sandy asked to be transferred to San Francisco because Ruby got into a bad group. She wants to coparent 50/50.

Amber wants to know about how Haddie and Lauren made the transition from friendship to more. She's interested in everything. Haddie doesn't label herself.

Julia gets a text featuring the crew in Vegas and breaks down crying that Zeek's OK. She falls into Joel's arms and he kisses her. She pushes him away.

Zeek arrives home and Millie has a doctor's appointment for him. She made it and they're going.

Mr. Jeffries is the man Julia is seeing. He cannot stop thinking about her. He really likes her and wants to make a go of it. She agrees.

At the doctor, Zeek zones out when he has to hear the doctor talk about searching for what's wrong.

Amber goes to tell Sarah about her pregnancy. She's petrified and has to turn down a glass of wine. Then she blurts out the news.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Amber: Now we're like old. We're like real life grownups, dude.
Haddie: Wow.
Amber: I'm gonna have a baby.

Crosby: Dad, I would like to play craps if we're gonna stay, after a few hands, if you're in for a different game?
Zeek: That's my boy!