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Problems at the Luncheonette have Crosby looking for a way out. The family waits for news on Zeek and Amber faces her future. 

When everyone visits Zeek before his surgery, he is giving a beautiful speech and lets it slip that Amber is pregnant.

Amber thanks him and shows him her first baby picture from the womb. They have one of their amazing Parenthood chats.

Amber goes to visit Drew at school. She apologizes for not telling him first about her pregnancy because he's the closest person in her life.

Sarah and Ruby go to do some secret girl stuff. 

Julia talks with her new boyfriend about the time he met her dad in college. She didn't even remember. I still don't even know the guys name. He's been crushing on Julia for a very long time. Apparently his name is Chris!!

Sarah discovers Ruby shoplifting.

Zeek is having a problem with the operating room procedure because he cannot take his wedding ring in with him and he refuses to give it up until the last minute.

Amber and Drew drive to see Ryan. It seems incredibly odd timing considering Zeek's surgery.

Hank doesn't believe Sarah at first, about Ruby. He seems to reluctantly believe it later.

Crosby is getting scared now because Adam has the family in a negativity vortex.

Julia catches Joel coming out of the hospital on her way in. All the kids are there as Zeek goes into surgery. When he's being wheeled in, he tells Millie he's scared. She sees him go and then breaks down.

Sarah and Julia talk about girl stuff and the brothers talk baseball. Crosby makes a friend over it and then Adam goes to see mom. She needs coffee.

Amber and Drew arrive in Wyoming. Ryan is asleep on the couch.

Adam knows the baseball friendly man in the hospital waiting room isn't getting good news because he's spent so much time in hospitals lately that he knows good news is given in public and bad news happens in the bad news room so nobody sees you break down.

Chris sends a waiting room survival kit just like Zeek used to do for her in college.

Ryan is on tons of medications. He thinks it's his mom that's the pig. Drew is really uncomfortable and goes to wait in the car. It seems like it will be a short trip. Then Amber tells him and Ryan seems excited.

Crosby and Adam argue over Oliver Rome who left a tour date or something horrific. Crosby just doesn't care, but Adam forces the issue.

When Ryan tells Amber he'll be with her every step of the way, Amber doesn't look like it's good news.

Hank and his ex fight as he tries to tell her about shoplifting. She's angry that Hank's girlfriend is getting to know her instead of Hank.

Drew thinks Amber is crazy for considering allowing Ryan to be a father to her baby.

Crosby takes off on his motorcycle in anger. He could have died. Everyone is doing idiotic stuff and he threw his cell phone so he's alone out there in the dirt.

Joel calls Julia for an update on the surgery as she's eating licorice from Chris. He asks how she is and then he tries to coach her to cry and he'll meet her to talk or something. 

Ryan tells Amber that everything changed when she walked through the door today. She can't take care of him because she has to take care of the baby. He says he didn't know she was pregnant until today.

Zeek comes through the surgery fine. The doctor says all will be well. They all go in to see him and Millie puts the ring back onto his finger.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Amber: And you, with what you're going through, I know it's scary, but you're going to get through it with such strength because of how strong you are and we all get our strength from you, so you're going to be totally fine. It's going to be OK.
Zeek: I wish you were my doctor. Oh Amber. You are an amazing girl, sweetheart.

Zeek: Oh no, sweetheart. I'm gonna be there to see this child born, OK. I'm going to hold him or her in my arms. I promise. So you keep the picture.
Amber: OK.
Zeek: And you show it to Ryan.