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Zeek is home and bellowing home. He's looking for a shoebox filled with his favorite baseball to give to his first grandchild. The ball isn't there, but Camille sees something much more exciting.

At The Luncheonette, Crosby and Adam are looking at their empty business and Cros replaces the pic of their spirit animal that was stolen (Janis Joplin) with one of him and Adam on their first day of business.

Amber has a gift waiting for her at her loft. Bets are on a crib.

Sara is painting an Egyptian exhibit. She wants to talk about the giant tomato in the room. She thinks it's something that should be planned, not blurted out and Hank disagrees. It might have been high pressure and emotional, but he meant every word and has no plans on taking it back.

Julia notices a photo of Joel in the kitchen. She rubs the dust off, puts it back into the drawer and calls. What are they doing? They should talk. Now. When Joel says they gotta do it in person, she rushes to make herself look better. He gets to the door and it's another sex thing.

They wake up the next morning. Where were the kids? They agree they still need to talk, but they keep putting it off to have sex. Found the kids. Sydney is knocking, asking why the door is locked. Joel jumps under the bed.

Zeek and Camille give Max some old film and he says they took care of it poorly. Zeek chats with Adam about the break in. Adam says he wants out. Zeek surprises him by saying Crosby is a man and will be able to handle it; Zeek needs to do what he has to do for his family.

Amber is pissed Seth sent a crib and stuck her and Sarah with all the hard work but still wants the credit. Sarah reminds her she's upset because she made a decision and is unsure where Ryan will fit into it but it will all work out and they'll hire someone to put the crib together.

Adam breaks the news to Crosby. 

Sarah sees Hank at the studio getting a hammer for the crib. They hmmm and hhhaaaah about pros and cons and then Max comes in with his undeveloped film.

Sarah then shares the news with Julia and together they realize they needs pros and cons lists about both of their men.

Crosby arrives home and Jasmine immediately knows something's up. 

Julia is happy the kids didn't see her and Joel, but he's not as happy with keeping it from the kids. They need to work on things and make sure they can get through the other side. What about Chris? What about her? She was unraveling and he left. She can't guarantee he won't do that again. He promises he will never leave her again.

When Zeek and Drew are in a storage unit looking for the baseball in a shoebox, Zeek feels like crap. Drew apologizes about the trip to France. Zeek admits the anger you feel is usually for the people you love the most. When Crosby and Adam were kids, he he wanted to kill them, and it wasn't a metaphor, he really wanted to kill them. The thought leads to an epiphany about where the baseball may be.

As Camille and Sarah look through the photos Max developed, they talk about the day Zeek learned about Julia, the day they fought with Sarah and she moved out and then Sarah tells her mom about the proposal. Camille thinks it's as easy as whether Hank makes her happy and she loves him.

Adam and Nora are having a tea party when Jasmine drops by. Crosby doesn't know she's there and she doesn't want him to know. She asks him to reconsider. 

Hank goes to help Amber with her crib.

Adam is looking at the numbers and Kristina doesn't support Adam's decisions for his brother as much as Crosby supported Adam when they started the Luncheonette.

Sarah shows up at Amber's and sees the crib. Hank admits there is one screw left, but he doesn't think it will matter. He thought Seth would go skimpy, but he did good. While Hank is talking, Sarah says yes.

Adam tells Crosby he's in. They'll make The Lunchoenette work.

Julia calls Joel from the skating rink with the kids. He just wants to hear her voice. He then meets her the rink and they kiss. The kids are so excited.

Zeek and Millie go to the back to the old house to find the box in the rafters of the barn. There are kids playing outside and they laugh together. Zeek decides to let the new kids find the shoebox someday because it will be the best day of their lives when they think they find what they think is hidden treasure.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Julia: I'm so glad they didn't see him. I'm hiding the father of my children from my children.
Sarah: Wow. How's that feel?
Julia: It feels crazy, but it feels like it's the right thing to do.

Well Crosby's old enough to know dreams can be put on hold, ya know?