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Zeek is being taken to the hospital by ambulance and all of the kids rush to his side as the music plays.

Julia is in bed with Joel when she gets the call.

Adam gets a call from The Luncheonette about an alarm going off. He and Crosby try to figure out what to do.

Adam goes to the chapel where Camille is crying. She doesn't want the others to see her like this, but she doesn't think Zeek's going to make it. "It was really bad," she tells Adam.

Drew tries to get to the hospital, but the car won't start. At the hospital, a doctor updates the family. Sarah tells Julia she's doing a walk of shame, and Julia says they're not technically back together.

Hank calls Sarah. He wants to do something. He can pick up Drew. Just then, Joel walks in with eight coffees.

Jasmine gets to the hospital and Hank talks too much in the car with Drew. Drew isn't in the mood to talk, but that's not something Hank understands.

The doctor says Zeek definitely had another heart attack and they're transferring him to the ICU. Adam and Crosby leave for work.

When the get to The Luncheonette, they see just how robbed they were. Pretty much everything of value is gone.

Hank tries to acclimate to the family and it's awkward as hell. He should have gotten bagels, he thinks. 

Crosby and Adam argue in the car about the insurance policy as Crosby wonders why this is all happening now, especially since grandma is going strong in her 90s.

It's the night of Amber's baby shower, and they decide to try to cancel it.

The doctor comes and Zeek's stable. They don't know the extent of the damage yet, it may be as simple as putting in stents or it could mean more surgery.

When Julia says hey to Zeek, he crashes as she and Joel look on with Camille at his side.

As Julia tries to tell the family what's going on, she is unable. Joel steps in and gives the true update.

Hank chats with Drew, who is upset over ratting out Zeek about the vacation. He thinks that's what Zeek will remember before he piles Hank into the group of losers Sarah comes home. Hank says exactly the right thing.

The numbers for the robbery are great. Adam wants to take the money and walk away from the business, even giving Amber severance pay. As they're talking Camille comes out to say they put in the stents and Zeek is stable again.

Zeek's awake and he doesn't want to be alone. The kids are telling funny stories bedside. A lot of laughter. The doctor enters and wonders if he can talk in front of everyone. They've always been straight with each other. The stents went in fine, but his heart isn't as strong as it needs to be. It's making fluids back up into his lungs. They could either open him back up and even change the valve if that's what needs to be done. Or do nothing and run the risks of that. The third option is to take some time and decide exactly what to do after he has a chance to rest up.

Adam and Crosby can walk away with $20k. Crosby doesn't want the stress any longer. Jasmine respects him, but knows how much he loves running the business on his own and that working for others doesn't work for him. She wants him to hang in there.

Drew sits next to Hank, who is looking at Joel wondering why he's the perfect husband and he's not even married. He even eats Twizzlers and still looks fantastic. Hank admits he's nervous and doesn't want to be one of the losers. He wants to be there for Sarah but doesn't know how to do it. Drew apologizes about the loser comment. He's the favorite of all the guys his mom brought around. Hank says "your favorite loser? I'll take that."

Kristina goes to Adam. They have a wonderful husband/wife moment. Kristina wonders if Crosby is on the same page as Adam at the thought of letting it go. He wants to let it go and Kristina supports him.

Sarah finds Hank outside. He brings up Joel and how he wants to be like Joel. She thinks they should probably be vegetarians to make life easier and he wants to get married. He wants to be all in. She's surprised and unsure what to say. He wonders if it's a no, and she wants to talk later. She wants to talk about it at a better time. Hank tells a doctor or nurse walking by he just proposed. Then he tells her she's doing a good job, by the way.

Zeek wonders how they hell he and Millie got there, wishing they could just go back and have some fun. He wants to keep the kids out of the decision making process. 

The guys are at the bar. Joel and Hank talk and bond. Crosby wants a Lamborghini. Adam wouldn't mind a Porche Cheyenne. A hybrid. Oh, and Crosby doesn't want to give up the business. They're partners, right? 

In the hospital cafeteria they have Amber's baby shower. The ladies have a great time looking at the baby book all about Amber and Camille reminds her how terribly short life is.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Adam: Hey Cros, let's check in on The Luncheonette.
Crosby: Oh yeah, that will be uplifting.

Listen, we're not back together, we're on the road to possibly getting together...