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Amber develops a new crush while Max gets advice from Adam on how to talk to a girl at school. Julia's boyfriend ends up at a family barbeque and Jasmine worries about Crosby. 

Max is studying Dylan and trying to find common interests.

Camille drives like a 105 old lady with cataracts. 

Amber is carrying coffee and runs into a guy, covering him in the nectar. He asks for her number.

Julia is going on a date with Chris, but she dodges behind a plant when she sees a mom from the school. She's apparently not ready to go public.

Jasmine has put a boot on Crosby's motorcycle because he won't slow down and talk to her. She even pulls out the kid card. 

It's barbeque time in the Braverman's back yard. 

Crosby complains about the motorcycle. Grandma and Grandpa show up and Max chats about Dylan. Zeek says the Braverman virility cannot be stopped. Crosby suggests taking it out and whipping it around to see if Max winds up with a baby carriage. They discuss the four bases.

Chris comes by and wants to kiss Julia. She protests.

Kristina asks Adam to stop suggesting Max stalk Dylan. She knows Dylan won't like him back. She just knows.

Adam spots Julia and Chris and he invites him inside, recognizing him as the guy Julia dated before Joel. He's about to sneak out when he meets Sydney and Adam suckers him into a game of basketball.

Crosby is wearing his castrated face. He and Zeek commiserate and Crosby offers to drive Zeek to physical therapy.

Joel stops by the barbeque and sees Chris playing ball. Julia spots him but doesn't go over immediately or at all.

Crosby drives the mini van with as much verve as the motorcycle. He is an accident waiting to happen. 

Adam and Kristina try to let Max down about Dylan before he even gets a shot.

Amber goes on the date with coffee man and he takes her to a dog park.

Joel has the kids and Victor wants to play basketball because Chris says Victor is a natural. He also lifted up Sydney on his shoulders to make a basket. He's cool and he's smart. Joel is noticeably angry.

Max has his talk about the relationship scale with Dylan and it goes differently than his mother and father expected.

Crosby arrives in time to see Zeek in PT. He stumbles and Crosby is freaked.

Amber likes Griffin and now she doesn't know how to tell him she's pregnant.

Joel goes to see Julia at work and he's angry and inappropriate. He wants to know if Chris is going to be in their kids lives. It looks like yes.

Crosby goes to have some cocktails. They're talking about some camping story about bears and Zeek chasing them away. Camille calls because he's late and has four pills he has to take. Crosby learns how to tow the line from his father.

Max brings home books about sex. Kristina is absolutely certain nobody will like Max. 

Amber takes Griffin to her place. He finds her place interesting. When she tells him she's pregnant, he runs. Crosby lets it out about the motorcycle thing. Zeek tells him he has to try to enjoy it. Have a little fun and scare the bear. 

Amber goes to see Drew to tell him her life is over. He tells her it's not.

Zeek calls Jasmine to come get him and Crosby.Zeek apologizes and she knows it's not his fault. She says she's worried about him. Zeek is too.

Kristina and Adam list all of Max's good traits for him.

Chris shows up at Julia's with bags of groceries. He apologizes for putting pressure on her and he wants to keep doing this, whatever this is. She's incredibly impressed and decides to go out to dinner with him. Even if there are mothers there.

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Crosby: What if I told you you can't dance anymore. You could get hurt dancing.
Jasmine: That's not the same. Let's just talk about it later.

Kristina: Hey bud, what cha doin'?
Max: Studying.
Kristina: The trash?
Max: That's ridiculous. Why would I study the trash? I'm studying Dylan.