Parenthood Season 6 Episode 5 Review: The Scale of Affection Is Fluid

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The feelings of each character sure ebb and flow differently, don't they? 

So many characters are suffering right now, but in small doses. Some have even created the beds in which they sleep, so it's kind of hard to feel for them. Others are experiencing joy and finally getting their lives back on track. Ebb and flow.

On Parenthood Season 6 Episode 5 Crosby continues to spiral out of control, but it's unclear over what he's going through. Amber finally realizes what being pregnant means to the rest of her life. Kristina makes a shocking admission about Max and Joel is very unhappy about where Julia's life is taking her.

Is anybody out there still rooting for Joel and Julia to get back together? The more I know about Chris the more I like him. Joel made a huge mistake by signing out of his marriage, because the man who was there before him is still available and it doesn't seem as though Chris is going to let anything mess up his chances with Julia this time around.

It says a lot when Adam spots Chris outside the family barbeque and invites him in. It means he understands what happened to Julia in her marriage and he supports her moving on. It's interesting that until Joel reacted so poorly, Julia was still unsure about whether she wanted to go public with Chris.

Julia: I am seeing Chris, yes, that is who I have been seeing and I have a right not to feel bad about that.
Joel: You have every right. What you do not have a right to do is to go around introducing our kids to whoever it is you feel like sleeping with that week.

Yes, it must have hurt to see Chris playing basketball with his kids, but that remark was appalling. He thinks so little of Julia that he would imagine her introducing the kids to her screw buddies? Honestly, why would he even entertain the thought of getting back with her if that's how he feels?

But once it was all out in the open and Chris put on the brakes, hoping to move at whatever speed Julia felt comfortable, she finally realized she was comfortable with Chris and it was time to show him off a little. We need to see where this goes.

Even Joel's conversation with the kids about Chris was overboard. He went really low. We've seen him do it before, with Julia. Now he's doing it with the kids. Will this end up a bitter custody battle situation?

It's hard to believe that Amber really thought a guy was going to want to date her when she was pregnant. Maybe she was a fan of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and pictures herself an Amy Juergens and Griffin was her Ben Boykewich. Life rarely goes down like that. If you are having a child, alone, in your early 20s, things aren't going to to get easier, they're going to get more difficult.

But I can't feel sorry for her. She made her own bed. She could have chosen not to have the baby, but she chose to have it. It's commendable, but with the decision comes a lifetime of responsibility and a lot of options that were open to her are now closed.

Is that what Crosby is feeling? Is he regretting the freedom he had when he was single and without a care in the world? It's kind of early for him to have the seven year itch and Jasmine is supportive and beautiful. 

I was hoping that the conversation with Zeek would help, because Zeek's advice was good. Before you know it, it's all over so enjoy it while you can. The previews don't indicate that's going to be the choice Crosby makes. For a second, when he saw Zeek stumble in physical therapy, it seemed like he might realize life was precious. Then he got wasted. I'd love to hear what you guys think is going on with him.

How awesomely did the talk with Max fail Kristina??

Max: It has come to my attention that there is a basic scale of affection on which all human relationships operate and when a boy and a girl fraternize it's important to understand where on that scale their feelings for each other lie.
Dylan: I missed this part of the talk, but I can dig. What are my options?
Max: The scale is from one to five with five being the peak of affection and one being firmly in the friend zone. In our case I like you at a five. Now, I need to know the best quantitative representation of your feelings for me.
Dylan: Um, how about a two.
Max: I can deal with a two.
Dylan: You can?
Max: Yes. Two was approximately my mother's number for my father when they met, though that changed over time.
Dylan: I see.
Max: In any case, the scale is fluid, and I imagine I have a decade, maybe more, to change your mind. I have to go to class. I will talk to you later Dylan.
Dylan: Hey Asperger's! Maybe a two and a half.

It was shocking to find out that she honestly believed that no girl would ever like Max. How could she have been pushing him so hard for so long only to admit she thought he was less than all of the other boys and girls? 

Thankfully, Adam reminded her that Max is in a school of special students and it really is a potpourri of freaks and he just has to believe that Max has a chance at a normal life. Considering how hard he was willing to work on winning Dylan's heart, it sure seems like he has a shot. Maybe not with Dylan, but someday.

Did you notice how Max Burkholder was trying not to laugh earlier when the Braverman men were spouting off about their virility and the bases? He almost always maintains his composure, but the hint of a smile broke through.

Finally, did you notice that's two weeks in a row that the title of the episode was a reference to Max's life? Is that a theme? I never noticed it before, but it stuck out this week.

What did you all think of the episode? What's going on with Crosby? Will Julia stand by Chris? Do you want her to? Are you rooting for Max and Dylan? Hit the comments and don't forget you can watch Parenthood online any time via TV Fanatic!

The Scale of Affection Is Fluid Review

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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Crosby: What if I told you you can't dance anymore. You could get hurt dancing.
Jasmine: That's not the same. Let's just talk about it later.

Kristina: Hey bud, what cha doin'?
Max: Studying.
Kristina: The trash?
Max: That's ridiculous. Why would I study the trash? I'm studying Dylan.