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Leslie begins the episode educating her coworkers on the rules of conduct – it’s a conflict of interest to accept a gift over $25. She confiscates a wine gift basket sent to the office.

On another note, the team has created a Facebook-like online page for the pit. It has a whopping six friends. Oh, and Mark’s a friend.

Leslie stalks his page and sees he has some pretty hot friends.

Mark and some other male coworkers like to have beers on Tuesday nights in the garden area of the office. Leslie and Anne bust up the “boys club.”

You know this isn’t Anne’s idea.

Leslie, being her smooth self, tips the table over by mistake and knocks over a bunch of beer bottles.

Anne gets some good banter going with Mark.

Leslie thinks she’s getting some good after work time in with Mark but then they run out of booze. Party over? Leslie throws her laurels aside and busts open the wine gift basket she confiscated earlier.

She violates the Government Ethics Code of Indiana but, whatever, she brought the party back to life!

The next day Leslie comes clean and confesses to the team that she opened the gift basket. Tom thinks she should go to jail so she can think about what she has done.

Her supervisor advises her not to blow this out of proportion. Since he won’t blow the whistle she outs herself to the higher ups.

In the meantime, the 19-year-old intern posts a video of herself online getting drunk off of the contraband wine Leslie snagged from the gift basket.

Leslie pleads her case at the hearing, but dramatically confesses, “I DID open the wine and cheese basket.” Crickets.

Her superior cannot sit through one more tedious minute of this meeting and stands up for her – if only to end the meeting. Leslie gets off with a letter in her file.

Anne stops by after her shift at the hospital. She just cannot get enough of the Parks and Recreation office.

Leslie isn’t one to break the rules and Anne asks her why she did it.

Leslie rambles on about the glass ceiling but then realizes she’s not only lying to Anne but to herself. She finally admits, “I did it for a guy.”

Mark swings by Leslie’s office with some beer to celebrate her avoiding disciplinary action. No drinking on government property!

Long story short: The park is still not built, but people are tipsy.

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Parks and Recreation Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

[after knocking over beer bottles] Did you hear that? Was that the sound of a glass ceiling being shattered?


[on Leslie] Smart woman. Iffy choice in men.