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The guys of the Parks and Recreation department are going on their annual hunting trip and desperate to impress Ron, Leslie amd the girls (and Tom) decide to tag along.  They leave April in charge of the department and force their way in.  After all, Ron can't say no because they do the trip under the guise of a work trip to check the trails.

On the trip, Leslie actually proves she's a very capable hunter and offers to do a competition with Ron.  Run begrudingly accepts and the contest is on... until Ron gets shot.  Luckily, Ann, a qualified nurse, tagged along and was able to nurse his shot to the head.  Now we have a case of the whodunits and the park police get called in.  When no one else steps up, Leslie admits to having shot him.  Eventually, Tom, who she's protecting, comes forward.  He couldn't admit it in front of the police because he doesn't have a hunting license.  Ron seems to be fairly understanding and content to just call Tom a moron.

Back on the office, April spends most of the time on hold for a call Leslie put her in charge of.  When she needs to go to the bathroom she enlists the help of Andy.  The two of them spend the rest of the episode flirting.

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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Anne, I always forget because you're so pretty you're not used to rejection.


I'm really good at hunting and I'm even better at being one of the guys.